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Oh, great:

Ammo Shortage May Last Until 2021

As I read this story, I decided to do a little digging to see how bad the problem actually is.

Now I can understand that SHTF ammo (.223 Rem, 7.62x39mm Soviet, 7.62x51mm NATO etc.) and hunting ammo (.30-30, .30-06 etc.) might be in short supply.  And we all know about handgun ammo (9mm, .45 ACP, .357 Mag etc.) being scarce to non-existent.  But .22 Long Rifle?  Seriously?

And where it’s not out of stock, it’s running anywhere from 11 cents to 40 cents per round.  (19 cents for Remington Golden Bullet in the 525-pack?  I used to use this stuff as ballast.)

Here’s a sample of what’s (not) out there:

SGAmmoAmmo.comMidwayClassic FirearmsSportsman’s WarehouseJ&G Sales — (un)Lucky GunnerCheaperThanDirtBrownells* — and so on.  (Check AmmoSeek for a longer list.)

(I know, it’s not a comprehensive list, but it’s a big enough sample.)

This is the equivalent of all supermarkets being simultaneously out-of-stock on salt, sugar and bread, never mind toilet paper and bleach.

Just out of curiosity, I checked my “tote” bag, which contains my “everyday plinking” supply that follows me to the range whenever I take my .22 rifles or pistols.  I gave up counting at 5,000 rounds.  In Ye Olde Ammoe Locquer, of course… well, ’nuff said.  I think my lowest brand quantity is CCI Green Tag, and that’s at about two bricks.  I last shot Green Tag about two years ago.

It’s a funny thing.  I think one always felt a little silly when buying that 500-round brick of .22 online, and checking the “10” quantity (which used to be my standard practice, per brand).  Hell, I’d buy a brick just to see how it shot, or as a cheap Christmas present for my buddies.

No more.  What interests me is what will happen when ammo supplies “stabilize”.  Given the situation now, I’m not sure they ever will.

*By the way, I’ve heard good things about the SK brand now available at Brownells, but unfortunately they’re only offering it in the 5,000-round bulk pack — and at 13 cents a round, it’s still too expensive for a bulk purchase.  When / if the ammo supply situation ever returns to sanity, I’ll buy a couple boxes and test them.

Quote Of The Day

From the comments to this article:

Beverly Hills business owners have been told to board up their windows by the local police department, as officials expect rioting throughout Los Angeles following the presidential election results

And the comment:

“So what happened to all the pontificating about accepting the results of the election, or does that only play one way?”

When it comes to the Left, things only go one way:  the way they want them to go.

Everything else is “fascist”, everyone else is “Hitler”.

About Time

The only question here is:  “What took them so long?”

Kimber Manufacturing is moving its corporate headquarters to Troy [AL] and will “aggressively hire” in all departments. The firearms manufacturer last week announced it is moving to a new facility it built last year on 80 acres with more than 225,000 square feet of space, with design engineering, product management and manufacturing space.
In an announcement, the company said Troy was chosen for, among several reasons, its proximity to engineering schools as well as pro-gun, pro-business support from the city of Troy and Alabama.

They’re going to find out how much cheaper and more congenial it is to do business in the South.

The company said it is seeking applicants across several categories, including CNC technicians, machinists, quality control specialists, lean technicians, design engineers, compliance analysts, customer service representatives, materials planners, maintenance technicians, finishing operators, and assembly technicians.

And I’m glad they’re going to hire locally as well — obviously a bunch of Noo Yokkers are going to make the move with them, but as they all work for a gun company, they can’t be too NYFC, can they?

Best part of this is that if you buy a Kimber from now on, that part of your money is no longer going to support the tax base of Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s New York State.

Next up:  Henry Repeating Arms, in Bayonne, Noo Joizee.  It’s time this All-American company moved to America.

5 Worst Things To Do At A Funeral

In ascending order of ghastliness:

  • substitute the soundtrack from Oh! Calcutta!  for the traditional funeral music
  • French-kiss the widow / grab the widower’s cock
  • invent a whole bunch of salacious but fictitious stories about the late when delivering the eulogy (e.g. “Fred always said that sex with a woman was okay, but not as good as the real thing”)
  • take group photos, as at a wedding, only with people standing around the open coffin
  • start a “throw the wreath” ceremony, and have Granny catch it.

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