Friday Night Movies

From Over the Pond, a Touring Car race at the Goodwood Revival (what I done missed this year sob sob) that features practically every Le Mans-winning driver of the past two decades, some former F1 drivers, NASCAR’s Jimmy Johnson, and Rowan Atkinson:  all driving cars what I loves (okay, the Ford Galaxies not so much).

Part One

Part Deux

Next year, I promise… I’ll sell some guns if I have to — just watch me.

All Fine

Just got back from my annual eye exam, with its usual consequences to my vision:

Of course, there’s that “cataract” thing in my right eye that’ll need attention at some point… but as I’m almost completely blind in my left eye, I’m kinda nervous about it.

AND I have a “routine” colonoscopy scheduled for next month.

This “getting old” thing isn’t for young people, lemme tell ya.

Not Really Qualified

I read this article with the usual reaction:

University freshers braved the elements in nothing but pairs of ‘budgie smugglers’ and skimpy swimwear during a wild night out to celebrate the start of their further education.

I know, I know:

If you insist.

And for those of you unfamiliar with the term “budgie smugglers”, here’s a pic of said clothing:

At least the police were there to keep an eye on things:

…and pints of body fluids errr beer flowed freely through the night.

One of the comments to said article was quite touching:

Sorry to break it to you, Bob, but only about 30% of students actually belong there.  The rest are just a waste of everybody’s time and money, regardless of who’s paying the fees.

All those who agree with me, raise your hands…

French Friday III: Random Objects Of Interest

(go here for Part I and Part II)

…in which I look at some things that the Frogs have done well.

One would think that French gun manufacturing would be as quirky and silly as the Frogs are themselves, but that is not the case.  Othias and Mae have expounded on early French guns at length, and while the French have had their missteps, they’re no worse and often better than the Brits, Germans and Americans, to name but some.

The question, as is so often the case, is But what have they done for us recently?”

Let’s look at longtime gun manufacturer Chapuis Armes as an example.  I won’t go into much historical detail about them (see here instead), but let me draw your attention to this little thing:

It’s the Chapuis Chasseur Classique side-by-side shotgun, in either 12-, 20- or 28 gauge.  (They also make O/U shotguns, if you’re that way inclined.)

“But Kim,” you wail, “such beautiful guns cost way too much and anyway, we can’t get them Over Here.”

Au contraire, mes petis choux, you can find them at Bass Pro and Cabelas.  And yes, they cost over six grand apiece, but then again, these are fine sporting guns (not your Mossberg/Winchester pump guns), and I think they compare very favorably to others of their ilk, such as the Beretta Iubileo.

But it doesn’t stop with shotguns.  Chapuis also makes rifles, especially of the “dangerous game” type.  Here’s the Elan double rifle:

…and the Rols straight-pull bolt-action:

Both rifle types come in extremely manly and commonsense chamberings:  none of that “8mm Lebel” or “7.5x54mm” nonsense.

Feel free to visit their USA website (which is in English, even) to get the details.  Warning:  there may be extreme drooling.

Dept. Of Righteous Shootings

Chalk this little episode up to a “nick of time” coincidence:

According to authorities, the woman in question had just picked up her pistol the day before, after waiting the 10 days required under California law between the time of purchase and when gun owners can actually take possession of their newly-bought firearm. Little did she realize that she would soon end up using the gun to fend off an attack on her husband in their own home.

And here’s the good part (with my emphasis):

In a 911 call at 10:20 p.m., a resident of the Wilding Ranch subdivision on the city’s east edge reported that a neighbor had called and said she had just shot an intruder at her house.

When deputies arrived, they found a dead man near the home’s front entry. The residents — a 50-year-old woman and her 45-year-old husband — said that the apparently intoxicated stranger had tried to force his way into their home.

According to the sheriff’s report, as the husband fought with the intruder near the front door, his wife ran to the bedroom to get a revolver, which she said she had brought home on Friday. Returning to the entry, she fired all its rounds into the intruder.

None of this one-shot or double-tap stuff for Our Heroine:  ALL SIX bullets pumped into the choirboy’s worthless ass.

Sing it from the rooftops, brothers and sisters.