SPF500 Needed

After I woke up over the weekend to the usual morning Dallas springtime temperature of about 75F, I read in the Brit newspapers that Britishland was “baking” in midday temperatures of 72F.  And sure enough, the Pale People were flocking to the beach:

Here are a couple of closeups — as it happens, of the same three girls:

And while I’m on the topic of Brits frolicking in the sun, here’s a pic I forgot to post from Aintree, last week:

How did Britain ever lose her Empire?

Yeah, We Knew That All Along

From this article, the conclusion:

The fake climate catastrophe has spawned a fake energy paradigm – replacing fossil fuels with wind and solar electricity. Wind and solar are claimed to be cheaper than traditional sources of electricity but non-fake accounting reveals that wind or solar electricity costs five or even ten times more than traditional electricity, exclusive, of course, of government subsidies and mandates. The reason it costs so much is that the erratic nature of wind and solar requires maintaining the traditional electricity generating system intact and ready to operate when wind and solar fail. Solar fails every night, every cloudy day, and more often in winter. Wind fails at random times, or somewhat predictable times, and often has a seasonal cycle. If the renewable energy advocates were logical, they would be advocating for nuclear. Nuclear is reliable and does not produce CO2.
Climate change and wind and solar electricity are a snipe hunts, diverting the country from serious problems in favor of imaginary problems with imaginary solutions that enrich the promoters and their political friends with status and money.

So what is that thing we knew all along?   (And by “we”, I mean I and the Readers of this website.)

No climate model — not one, ever — has ever predicted the future reliably, even when the algorithms have been tweaked to the point where random data input yields exactly the same results.  Aggregating (“unifying”) multiple models haven’t done so either.

Now read the article for the complete story.

Glueball Wormening

This week in Plano:

…but normal service resumes later next week:

I was going to take New Wife on a little car trip over the weekend up into the Ozarks as she has Monday off, but I don’t live in Chicago anymore so my blood has thinned.  Yeah, I’m a big pussy.

We’ll stay indoors, wrap up / stay in bed, hope that the ice storms don’t cause any power outages, and trust that I don’t end up looking this: