Gratuitous Gun Pic: Oviedo Mauser (7x57mm)

Time was, the role of “truck” or “trunk” gun could safely be delegated to that old Mosin M44 that you picked up at a garage sale for $30.  Time was.

Nowadays, even the skunkiest Mosins can only be had for $500 or more (!!!).

So then, if these are the times we live in, allow me to offer an alternative to a rifle which needs a mallet to work the bolt.

Such as the very handy and practical 1895 Oviedo Mauser, which has a much smoother bolt, and which shoots the 7mm Mauser cartridge (which will not dislocate your shoulder like the Mosin’s 7.62x54mmR).

I actually owned one of these, once upon a time, and I can’t remember why I got rid of it.  Stupid me.

Anyway, one rumor I do need to dispel about this lovely little carbine is that the metal used is inferior to modern steel, and which therefore makes it “weak”.

It’s completely untrue.  The steel is every bit as fit for purpose than any other, as Chuck Hawks wrote many years ago.

I’d have one of these excellent little carbines in the trunk of my car any day of the week.  It’s just too bad that today’s gun prices have made the whole concept unworkable.

News Roundup

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So let’s bleed the News Lizard:

the worst part is that it’s only “most” and not “every single last”.

...errrr climate changeLizzo dance routine during concert?  I’m trying my best here.

...that’s because she IS a scapegoat, and she’s keeping shtum so the Clintons won’t murder her. there ever a WRONG time for rum?

...nice building;  shame about the food. I the only one who thinks managers should lock the office doors and let the fuckers freeze?

...there are a bunch of Democrats taking notes right now.

...French chefs have collective orgasm.  Also:  Australia, where the toads eat bugs.  VW Bugs. Hitler’s ghost sez:  “Huh?”

...keyword:  Massachusetts.  In any Southern state, he’d be in the “dangling” line.

...what if, like most non-Californians, you only have one?

And in multicolored, unlinked INSIGNIFICA: news, however, on whether a familial foursome was involved.

Finally, some weird interesting news:

I know, I know:  she’s several pasta meals short of perfection.  But then again, look who she’s married to — the World’s Skinniest Ex-Footballer, Peter Crouch:

So much for the news, then.


I think the decline of Western civilization can said to have started in earnest when the word “gastropub” became an actual thing instead of a nonsensical word made up from the last tiles in a Scrabble game.

Now they’re even being ranked.  Fach.

Here’s what I want to see on a pub menu, in no specific order:

  • fish & chips
  • steak (+mushroom, +onion or +kidney, by choice) or chicken pies
  • toasted (“grilled”, in Murkin) cheese, chicken, bacon or steak sandwiches
  • chips / “fries” (in a basket)
  • eggs to order
  • mixed grill* (for the super-hungry)
  • cheese, chicken, steak, beef, bacon etc. on a fresh roll with condiments to taste
  • simple salad (for homosexualists, veganists and women — some overlap)
  • …can’t think of much else, really.

If you aren’t satisfied with anything from the above, you have no business being out of the house.

Best of all, this simple and honest menu is going to be cheap, instead of noisettes d’agneau au poivre  costing fifty bucks a portion.  Savings can thus be applied to the real business of a pub:  booze.

And if the pub’s “chef” (a contradiction in terms, surely?) gets oh-so bored preparing the same basic stuff every day and feels “unfulfilled”, he needs to quit, open up a “fine dining experience” in his own restaurant and go out of business in six months like all those other trendy establishments.

Just stay out of my damn pub.


One More Time

As always, Gummint wants to control our lives more and more, even if only on an annual basis:

Health officials announced Monday they want to make coronavirus booster vaccinations an annual event in America, renewing a call first made by President Joe Biden.

I have an annual flu shot because they seem to work, and more importantly don’t put me at increased risk of a heart attack — something which seems to be becoming more and more prevalent with Covid “vaccines”.  Also, they’re not compulsory.

So herewith my response to the “officials” and their annual Covid shots:

Little Late, Assholes

I’d like to say “Better late than never” but I’d rather just mail all their severed heads to their next-of-kin:

President Joe Biden’s Energy Department quietly published a congressionally mandated report in December showing the president revoking the Keystone XL Pipeline federal permits cost thousands of jobs and billions of dollars.

Yeah, we all knew that at the time — especially all the workers who were laid off because of Fuck Joe Biden’s little ego trip.