No Shrinking Violet

Back in the days when men were men and women knew how to deal with them, such an exchange would have been commonplace:

Laura Woods, by the way, is a Brit TV sports hottie:


Note that she didn’t start wailing about “trolls” and “#MeToo” or “online abuse” or any of the modern-day grrrrls’ complaints.  Nope;  she stepped up and

…which is what he deserved.


  1. Several years ago I was pressed into service teaching a mechanical engineering thermodynamics course. Thermo is a junior year course but I’m a chemical so I hadn’t met these mechanical students yet and knew nothing about the class dynamics. As they filtered into the classroom for the first day of class one of the guys made an impolite comment to a tall, attractive blonde. The thought jumped into my mind that I’d have to do something about that when the gal replied to his comment and absolutely cut him off at the knees. The class, including the guy who made the remark, all laughed heartily. Problem solved.

    The quality of the gal’s riposte (which I’m sure the guy expected) indicated a first-rate mind, and during the semester she developed a decent understanding of thermo, one of the tougher engineering topics.

    Now she’s had over ten more years of honing her skills and I have no doubt that the guys at the heavy equipment firm where she works respect her engineering and fear her wit.

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