News Update

No sponsor wanted to support this Roundup, which given its content, is not all that surprising.  So here we go: Captain Jack Sparrow won’t use a gun in any Pirates movie in future?  LOL

...I’m out of the loop on this stuff.  Does this actually mean anything? tomorrow’s news, cakes, biscuits and chips may prevent cancer.

...hey, if Russia was my next-door neighbor, I’d probably do the same.

...and once again, no mention of flogging or impaling.

...Lynda Carter, Angelina Jolie, Sigourney Weaver and Halle Berry were unavailable for comment.

...and it would be just as enjoyable to flog you with a sjambok for an hour or two, you fucking sicko.

...wait wait wait, I’ve been wanting to say this for years… the defense: “Bitch had it coming.”

...suicide?  No?  Then I’m not interested, and nor are any of my Readers.

...quoi?  Shome mishtake, surely.

And more from the “Hey, It Could Happen!” Department:


Damn Spelchek.

From the bowels of INSIGNIFICA:

..fellow rappers Carpet and Adjacent could not be reached for comment.

Finally, not our regular Paige 3, but from one of the original sources:


And that’s it, till next week.

HOW Much?

Just when I thought I’d seen it all, here comes this little piece of research:

“The vast majority of students (87%) say they have felt at least one of their college classes was too challenging and should have been made easier by the professor,” the survey found.

However, 71 percent of students spend fewer than 10 hours per week on studying, and a total of 87 percent of students spend fewer than 15 hours per week hitting the books.

The survey organization found that about one-third of students who think they work hard fail to put in more than five hours a week into schoolwork.

Back when I were a student, I would spend about six hours per day studying, excluding lecture time, and a lot more if there was a test, exam or paper coming up.

Granted, I was studying History and French — not hard courses, just ones requiring some extra-curricula study — so I found the work ridiculously easy.  (Had I been doing Organic Chem… oy.)

But the very thought of asking a professor to make the course easier?  The way I always looked at it was that if the course was hard, that just meant I had to work harder — it was like a competition between me, the professor and the subject matter — and there was no way I was ever going to let those two bastards beat me.

But nowadays, where there seems to be an “app” for everything (meaning that someone else has done the work for you), it’s small wonder that today’s snowflakes think that “hard” means actually having to think, and learn.

After all:  who needs a brain when you’ve got batteries?

September Redux

Basically, I have the same flu as I had back in September.  That should be of no interest to anyone here, except that blogging will be light and not very substantial until (I hope) after the weekend.

I’ll just be posting pics like this:

…and lastly this, from Alex Dawson:

Sorry, but there it is.


Okay, we all know that Shania Twain is a Total Hotty.

But ii shames me to admit that although I know who she is, I wouldn’t be able to hum or even name any of her most popular songs, even if you held a gun to my head.

Of course, I’m not exactly in her target market, musically speaking.  (Or in any other way, come to think of it.)