Classic Beauty: Ingrid Pitt

I have to thank Longtime Reader Pierre (who is French, and somehow stays loyal to this rantbucket despite all my slurs on the Frogs), who pointed out to me that my Classic Beauty section has a glaring omission:  to wit, horror-movie star Ingrid Pitt.  Quite apart from her astounding beauty, which we’ll enjoy below, she is to my knowledge the only Classic Beauty who survived a Nazi concentration camp in WWII.

Anyway, here she is, in black and white:

And in living color:


Another of Pierre’s suggestions next week.  He has exquisite taste.

Same Problem, Different Continent

Two weeks ago, you were stranded in St. Louis and had to buy a car to drive home.

Guess what?  It’s happened again, only this time your airport was Schipol, outside Amsterdam. The problem?  You were going to fly home from Madrid, Spain, so somehow you have to get from Holland to Spain (a full two-day drive), but you decide you’ll take five days because that’s when your flight leaves Madrid, using a route roughly along these lines:


And luckily, you discover ER Classics, just a short train ride from Amsterdam, where you will find choices like this:

So browse the showroom and pick yourself a car for this one-way trip through northern Europe.  There are a lot more choices here than there were at St. Louis, so take your time… and be assured, as before, that the car will be reliable enough to get you there, needing only refueling along the way.

Oh, and the weather will be warm, mostly sunny but with occasional light rain (because Yurp).

Let me know in Comments.

Wings Of Clay

…or, an unvarnished look at the WWII German Messerschmitt 262.

Along the way, this screamingly-funny chap slaughters all sorts of sacred cows, e.g. that the Me262 could have won the war for the Nazis, that Albert Speer was a genius, that German technology was superior to that of the Allies, and that Herman Goering was an incompetent asshole.

Okay, that last one happens to be true, as historian Lord HardThrasher sets about him with a cricket bat, calling most of history’s revered sources a pack of liars and completely debunking the myth of Germany’s technocrats, e.g. Willi Messerschmitt (yeah, the guy who designed the Me109).

Along the way, he proves that Allied bombing actually worked better than today’s naysayers would have you believe, and that bad things happen when you allow the reigns of power to be wielded by simpletons and incompetents.

But you all knew that.

There is plenty of bad language, but as Readers of this here website, you should be used to that by now.

No Slam Dunk

As Mollie Hemingway says:

“The worst part of the Trump presidency was the hate-drenched media spewing chaos and conspiracy theories. The best part was everything else.”

Sent to me by Reader Old Texan:

At any other time, in any other place, with any other Republican candidate, charts like this would mean a 48-2 state result in the Presidential election.

This year…?

News Roundup

So let’s look at the news, which will also cause you to break wind.

From the Dept. of Health, Nutrition and Religion:

...tastes like shit, is bad for you:  just like vegans themselves, I’m told.

Speaking of religions:

And while we’re on the Jew-Hate train of thought:

...wait:  sexual activity?  If looking at those Holocaust pics gives you a woody, you need help.

From the Dept. of Education:

...this all started when the courts decided that illegal immigrant children were entitled to free state education.
#DontCare #ReapTheWhirlwind

...Go Huskers!  And while we’re there:

...sadly, only in rural areas, where there isn’t too much danger from random assholes.  In the city schools, however, where there IS that kind of danger, the schools need to rely on the cops.

Still with the kiddies:

...but but but…isn’t underage sex illegal!  You mean making something illegal doesn’t end the problem?

From the Lawn Order News Desk:

...and of course he will;  in 2050, when it’s used against his side. gunpoint, perhaps?  I think he just means “run them over”. [/Insty]

And The Great Cultural Assimilation Project© continues apace:

...promises made by government, promises not kept by government.  Welcome to the U.S.A.

In the Romance Dept.:

...errrrr no, I think you’ll find it was actually the heroin.

And now for some linkless 


And living in :

...actually, she’s always been kinda fond of the sparkly dress stuff:

And on that powerfully-erotic note, we end the news.

Old Broads

You know, when I were a lad, women in their late 50s looked like old women:  they wore old lady clothes and shoes, their hair was gray, they did things like knitting and sewing, baked cakes and stuff for their grandkids… you get my drift, I think.

Well what then, to make of these old broads?  (links in the pics)

Salma Hayek, 57

I mean, if you look closely at her hands, you can see she’s no spring chicken.  But who the hell looks at her hands?

Then there’s Item #2 on this little list:

Shania Twain, 58

Apparently, Our Shania has recently discovered the joy of walking around the house naked.  (you may go off and take that heart pill, now)

Finally — and I could do this for ages, but I have to end this sometime — there’s:

Liz Hurley, 58

Well, we know all about her, of course.

Another gin, Kim?  I think so.  I don’t think it’s healthy to take so many heart pills in a row.