Quote Of The Day

Robert Ruark (Uhuru, The Honey Badger, Something Of Value, etc.) was always one of my favorite authors, as alone among many, he “got” Africa — in fact, I think he actually coined the expression “Africa wins again” in one of his more cynical moments.  Of course, he was a real hunter, so when it comes to hunting and guns, he should be carefully listened to.  This was sent to me by Mr. Free Market:


And here’s a picture of Ruark, with some of his guns:

From memory, after he died (at age 49, from cirrhosis of the liver) his estate contained well over fifty rifles, most of “African” calibers (.375 H&H, .470 NE, .404 Jeffery, .416 Rigby, etc., which gave credence to one of his other books, Use Enough Gun ) and an unknown number of handguns and shotguns.

Now I’m not saying we should all copy the great man;  but I am saying that if we do end up with a similar number in our collection, we should feel energized, not remorseful.  I remember my own situation, back in the day…

Not all of those were mine, but most were (all the Mausers, for example).

And for the record, I’ve never woken up in the morning hating myself for having purchased a gun the day before.   That’s certainly not true of women.


I’ve always believed that Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo is either buried deep within the closet, or else he’s just one of the most effeminate men in professional football.  Here’s why:

Please.  I know that Euro men are typically more effeminate than the average, but (without a shred of proof) I bet that he has as many male fans as female fans — and by “male”, I mean the kind who would use the above as stroke material.

“Oh but Kim,”  I hear you cry out, “Cristiano has a beautiful girlfriend, and has fathered four children by her withal.”

Uh huh.  Here’s Mr. Macho at a Press conference a little while ago:

Dude’s wearing more diamonds than Liberace at a Turkish bath.  (And a woman’s engagement ring?)

Not, as they say, that there’s anything wrong with all that.  He’s still one of the greatest footballers ever to play the game, even if after he scores, he often does this “out of excitement”:

Yup.  And all over the world, men of a certain persuasion get excited too, I’ll bet.  Still, I love watching him play because, when all’s said and done, he’s an absolutely brilliant footballer.  None of that other shit matters.

Pushing Back

Yesterday, I expressed my consternation at this little event — which took place not a mile from where I am right now, and where I drive through all the time:

In the incident, which occurred last week, BLM marchers illegally blocked a public street, trapping motorists. Such situations have happened across the nation over the past year, often resulting in violence. In the Plano video, one man emerges from his car and yells at the BLM protesters to clear the street. They not only do not clear the street, one of them also brandishes a weapon of some sort at the man. A Plano police officer looks on, does nothing to clear the street, and instead seems to side against the motorist — who is legally in the right.

Looks as though the Plano Police Chief has landed himself in the doodoo with TXAG Paxton: After reviewing the incident, our First Lawyer had this to say:

Reckon it’s time someone got fired — and I’m not talking about Paxton.

Frankly, I don’t care if you think you have to “negotiate with these people” when in fact they are breaking the fucking law.  If I’d parked my car across the intersection and refused to move it, how long do you think it would have taken for the Plano PD to have me in cuffs?  Or, if there were four of us White boys blocking the road with our cars protesting (say) the stolen election of 2020, the fuzz would have descended on us like Genghis Khan, only with better weaponry.  And if one of us had pointed something that looked like a gun — I don’t care whether it was a pepper gun, taser or toy pistol — the cops would have shot his ass dead.

And all of Plano would probably have applauded.

Let me get this straight.  While Plano is more conservative than Dallas, it’s not as conservative as the rest of Texas (thanks to the huge influx of New Yorkers, Californians, Chinese, Indians and Pakistanis into the area as we’ve become some kind of Mecca [sic]  for the Big Business flight away from, duh, California and the Northeast).  We have a Black mayor, a Black police chief, several Blacks, Chinese and Indians on the city council and school district board, and all the rest of the stuff that has allowed the hallowed “diversity” to flourish, only without any fanfare or box-ticking.

Nevertheless, Plano is still reliably conservative, and up until now, the Police Department has been too, with a strong law-and-order attitude which we citizens of Plano have supported to the hilt.

And now?  A police chief who bleats about “having to negotiate” with violent criminals?  I don’t care if the police are “caught in the middle”;  that’s their fucking job.  They are supposed to be the “thin blue line” between law-abiding citizens and criminal bandits.

Like I said, someone needs to be fired, or else the shit is really going to hit the fan.  Next time, the guy who jumps out of his car and, all by himself, shouts at protesters to clear the street, may well be carrying a handgun, or more.  (There’s a very good reason that our local gun store shelves are empty of both guns and ammunition.)  And if the cop on the scene — or his boss — aligns himself with the criminals, don’t be surprised if he’s treated like one of them, because it’s no less than he deserves.

And if the city cops are unable or unwilling to do their job, Paxton has only to unleash the state police and, gawd help us, the Texas Rangers.  We’re cool with that, I think.

This bullshit has to stop, nipped in the bud right now.  Let’s hope that Paxton gets it done, or there’s going to be a serious shit show.  Plano is not fucking Los Angeles or Chicago or New York;  we’re not even fucking Austin.  And without serious action, the powers that be are going to find that out, big time.

Quote Of The Day

Ooooo Insty’s being snarky, Insty is:

” Maybe responding to hysterical people is a bad basis for policy.”

He’s talking about flooding the schools with cops because of all the perceived dangers of school shootings, then pulling cops from schools altogether because cops are racist tools of Teh Patriarchy or some such bollocks.

Of course, the hair-on-fire shrieking Socialists (or Gummint bureaucrats, some overlap) are never going to let a good crisis go to waste, so if there’s no crisis they have to create one.  Evil bastards.

News Roundup

News that elicits a chuckle or two, and it should.

as if we needed yet another reason not to buy anything Disney.

’nuff said, although the same request from Mark Zuckerberg would have been even better.

and also in the interests of “diversity”, future England teams will include two preteens and two women, with predictable results when they lose every single game.

someone explain to me why anyone should listen to anything these ignorant, pampered woke-tossers say.

Sarah Hoyt’s Shocked Face was unavailable for comment.

not from where I’m standing;  most people seem to be not wearing them anymore.  Except for the usual morons, e.g.:


And speaking of plague-ridden pox-holes:

just add Black Fungus to the endless list of Things That Could Kill You In India.

Now for some good news, for a change:

what he said, times 49.

Let’s do some fun stuff:

link contains no actual nudity;  don’t bother.

given that this happened in NYFC, I’m amazed that it’s considered “unacceptable”Also, it being NYFC, I’m amazed that anyone actually complained.

so her boyfriend  beats her up and stubs cigarettes out on her geriatric body, and all of a sudden it’s aliens.



Here’s Teri Hatcher, back when she was interesting:

Now go off and do some Superman-type stuff.