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One of the socio-political dichotomies we conservatives face is that while we are often described (in our “Republican” guise) as the party of the rich, the fact is that while there may be a few wealthy conservatives, the vast bulk of us are in fact middle-class, nay even working class (as defined in American terms).  Donald Trump saw this, and tapped into the latter:  the non-rich, conservative and intensely patriotic folks who are exemplified by Readers of this website.

And we are all familiar with the efforts of the ungodly (Leftists, Commies, Wokists — you all know who they are) to censor, muzzle, “cancel” and otherwise stifle our ability to function in today’s world, whether it be by woke banks not wanting to facilitate the “wrong” kind of financial transaction (e.g. buying guns), or media groups not wanting our voices to become public (Facebook bannings, YouTube censorship, de-hosting Deplorable websites such as mine*, etc.) and similar bastardy.  As I said, you’re all familiar with the situation so I’m not going to catalogue their misdeeds.

Once again thanks to Insty, I’ve stumbled upon an alternative which may help us sidestep the Left.  Read this and feel relieved (as I was) that we may have a way out of this mess.

I was particularly impressed by this company (despite its name**) which gives us a chance to help a truly American industry.

So I’m going to see what happens with New Founding, and I’ll let you know.

*Nobody has tried to silence me — yet — probably because my readership is too small to bother with.  Let me assure you, however, that should that day come, Tech Support II has a backup plan which could be enacted within hours, and I’d be back in business, so to speak.

**As a devotee of side-by-side (as opposed to over/under) shotguns, I hesitated a bit, but never mind.

Oz Reich (3)

From the land Down Under, more bastardy:

The Andrews Government is making more bad changes to Victoria’s gun laws.
The latest changes will allow police down to the rank of inspector to ban shooters from holding firearm licences for at least 10 years – for getting nothing more than a speeding fine.
People hit with a ban will also be subjected to warrantless searches of their homes or cars at any time, and barred from going to any place where guns may be stored or used.

Fucking hell, why not just add “public whipping” and “summary execution” to the list?

Textbook totalitarianism.  And the person introducing this legal travesty looks precisely how you’d expect them to look:

The only nice thing you could say about her is that her head would look good on a pike.

Next:  pikes to be banned under the Sharp Objects And Politician Protection Act.

News Roundup

Special Afghanistan Edition:

proving that even the Muzzies can get some things right.  And:

kinda like what we want to do to Democrats, really.

As for the Great Resettlement:

and as long as they end up in South Philly, they’ll feel quite at home.

that’s part of all that “cultural difference” the Woke are always telling us to respect.  Meanwhile, back home:

and in response, the Biden Administration applies the hammer:

that’ll show ’em.  Or maybe not:

there ya go.

Time for a little RCOB moment or two:

as they watch their viewership fall, and fall.

and to nobody’s surprise, no one has been arrested.  Had this been thirteen (Homo) Pride flags, however, the offenders would have been arrested and sentenced already.

Finally, let’s just think of what some Afghan women would look like without the naqib:


Sad, innit?

Ahhh Those Old Wounds Just Never Heal

From some guy, not one but four (consecutive) emails about The Pussification Of The Western Male :

re-reading your famous column and i gotta say, you’re a truly repugnant human being, and I’m glad your wife is dead.

…followed by:

i mean that from the bottom of my heart

… then:

she probably hated you

and finally:

fascist fat fuck, i hope the diabetes takes you out soon.

Back when Pussification was still freshly published, I got far worse emails, so this isn’t even decent invective.

Rough guess:  age about 19, at college doing some worthless “Studies” course and could well still be a virgin.  (Age revealed by lack of capitalization, level of outrage ditto.)  Otherwise, it could have been written by his “Studies” professor, but the grammar is usually better in cases like that.

Also, note that he had to send me his invective across four emails — i.e. delivered in Twitter-sized bits.  Dead giveaway of his age, right there.

I could publish his email so you guys could have some fun with him, but why bother?  No point wasting anybody’s time on this twerp.  I don’t even have diabetes.

Oh, and Mr. Burns, help yourself:

Whiny little bitch.

Already Here

From this article:

“My dream is that someday employers will say, “Let’s hire anybody but a college graduate. We’ll teach him what he needs to know for our work. Check out the homeschoolers—they are a really sociable lot.” Imagine getting a fresh and intelligent young worker at age 18, rather than a stultified parrot at age 22.”

I personally know of three companies who already practice this.  All are startup technology businesses, all are incredibly successful, and not one has an HR department.  And one of the three has no female employees.  None.