While I Was Away

…okay, sick as a dog, I took the opportunity to watch a few videos on EewwwChoob, more or less at random.  (Thank you, I am much better thanks to Zithromycin and various other modern medical miracles.)

Because I wasn’t in shape to do any deep diving as such, I just flitted from one topic to another, but luckily I managed to save a few URLs that may be of general interest.  Mostly, I concerned myself with topics of fairly recent vintage that I knew a little (or hardly anything) about, other than their titles and a simplistic overview. (Earlier histories, e.g. late 19th century, WWI, WWII and so on until say 1980:  got those covered, thankee.)

So here are some of the ones I did spend some time on.  Feel free to watch them yourself, as the interest grabs you.


Destroying ISIS


Ferrari 412 (Iain Tyrrell, of course, plus a whole bunch of his other restorations, also Jay Leno of course).  I think I watched well over two dozen of them.

10 U.S. Places Not Worth Visiting been there, and I agree with all of them*.

Bill Burr …always.


Then came I Do Cars.  Listen, I have NO automotive technical interest whatsoever, but I got hooked on this guy’s thing, and couldn’t stop watching them.  No excuses, no reason… it just grabbed me.

And of course, the “watch again” movies** and TV shows.  Of recent interest, Barnwood Builders on Discovery+, because I love ordinary people doing skilled work, and having fun while doing something worthwhile.  (Johnny Jett is brilliant.)

I’ve omitted all the F1-geeky and Brit football videos, because I know from experience that Reader interest on this topic is slim to nonexistent.

Have fun, as I did.  At worst, save the URLs for the next time you’re as sick as a dog.

*I’ve never been to the Grand Canyon, but I imagine it’s pretty much as described.

**No unwatched movies because I had no attention span and just wanted moving wallpaper while I coughed up my lungs.  Also, several people wrote to me suggesting great movies to watch.  Didn’t get to any of them, because I was feeling that crap.  Next time, or sometime soon anyway.  Thankee, all of you.

No Chance, Assholes

Oh wow… all of a sudden the Left has realized that demonizing the opposition and calling for their assassination, not to mention trying to get them off the ballot and tossing them into jail on bullshit charges, has all backfired, and now want “unity”?

Not gonna happen assholes (and this guy agrees with me) .

Making the political the personal sometimes gets, well, personal.  And as far as I’m concerned, the only reason that we conservatives haven’t flipped the switch and started getting seriously personal is that up until now we’ve shrunk from using their own tactics against them.

And we’re probably not going to do so, either.

Unless they really go beyond the pale.

And that point is… for us to know, and for them to discover.

Today’s Earworm

Do yourself and listen to Level 42’s Leaving Me Now  with headphones, just to see how the incredible layering of instruments can transform what is a basic ballad into an absolute masterpiece.  Beethoven would have loved it.

And of course, I yield to no man in my admiration of bassist extraordinaire Mark King.  Keep the ‘phones on.

No Argument Here

I can’t argue much with this line of reasoning (in favor of large-capacity magazines in your handgun):

Gun control advocates who try to justify restrictions on law-abiding citizens may sometimes look at how violent crimes unfold to justify their argument. They might say that most gun fights only involve a few rounds, for example, so why would you need a 15-round magazine?

I’ve had that conversation.

And, to be fair, most gunfights actually are over after just a few shots. Most don’t even need to hit to end the fight because most bad guys are cowards who want easy meat, not someone ready to fight back.

The problem with this is that it assumes the average is universal. The average gun battle may only have, say, three shots fired, but a lot of them only have one round discharged. That means some involve a whole lot more.

Statistically, of course, that is absolutely correct.  When the argument comes to grief, however, is also part of the law of averages, in that you have to ask yourself:  “How many home invasions or self-defense situations involve multiple attackers?” 

The answer, of course, is “precious few” (outside a BLM or Antifa riot).

But I know that when it comes to self defense, one should always expect the best but prepare for the worst.  And frankly, this is the conundrum we gun owners face every day.

It’s probably best to illustrate this by using my own position, because I’ve tortured myself for years about quantity vs. quality:  should I rely on a hi-cap 9mm Europellet gun, or a limited-cap .45 1911?

The answer, for me,as any fule kno, is the 1911, because I trust that a single wound made by the .45 bullet is going to likely end the business more reliably than a single round of 9mm.  I practice long and often to make sure that my first shot is right on target — but that doesn’t mean that my decision is a correct one, especially if my home were to be invaded by more than a single goblin.  Four of the bastards, as in the linked article?  Phew.

Next to my chair (actually, in a pocket on the side thereof), is my Springfield 1911, loaded with an 8-round Chip McCormick Power Mag (+1 in the tube).  What I should do is load up a 10-round mag in my chair gun (I may have a few knocking around somewhere) and have a spare mag of similar capacity sitting in the pocket.  My reloading speed with a 1911 mag isn’t as good as the pros, but it’s nothing to sneeze about.  I don’t carry 10-rounders on my belt when I go out, though, simply because I don’t have a mag-holder large enough for the longer 10-rounder, and the longer mag likewise is problematic to carry so I content myself with three 8-round Power Mags (one in the 1911, the other two in their holster).  And frankly, it’s too much of a PITA to keep exchanging the 8- and 10-round magazines every time I leave the house and come back.

So I guess I’ll have to rely on just the one 8-rounder in the chair gun (but with a 10-round backup).  Long ago I made the decision that carrying a heavy old 1911 and spare mags around is worth the hassle (YMMV) because I have absolute faith that it will suffice to protect me in pretty much any situation outside the house.  (If I were to need more, there’s always the trunk, ’nuff said.)

Next to my bed (on top of the drawer) can be found my S&W Mod 65, loaded with of course only 6 rounds of .357 Mag.  A little while ago, though, I added my backup S&W 637 (5 rounds of .38 Spec +P) simply because of the above argument.  That’s 11 rounds, and if necessary I can shoot the two revolvers simultaneously (yes, I’ve practiced a lot shooting the little 637 left-handed.)  And yes, while I have several speedloaders for each gun right there, I’m under no illusions about my reloading speed with them, despite many, many hours of practice.  I’m no Jerry Miculek, for sure.

Then again, under the bed is my loaded AK, and if I get but a minute or so’s warning, I would suggest that 20 rounds of 7.62x39mm Commie should suffice for pretty much any number of attackers.  (I know, should be a pump shotgun, but I don’t have one of those yet, shuddup I’m working on it.)

On a tangential note, however, I should point out that most people seem content with the low-capacity (5 rounds) in a shotgun tube mag, on the basis that a single charge of 12ga. 00 Buck should be a showstopper — which, generally speaking, it is.  It’s more or less the same argument I have for using a .45 instead of a 9mm, although of course I’m not equating the efficacy of 12ga. buckshot to the .45 ACP hollowpoint.  But there’s also no argument that the 1911 (or Mod 65, for that matter) are a great deal less cumbersome than a long gun in a confined space such as my tiny apartment, so there’s that side of it.

One last note:  I have pretty much decided that “close at hand” is of paramount importance.  Whether in my chair while writing, or next to the bed while sleeping, my guns are both well within arm’s reach and can be brought to bear in close to two seconds.  (I’m not going to take this to the extreme and have a “bathroom” or “kitchen” piece because a) the likelihood I’ll need either is vanishingly small and b) I don’t own that many self-defense guns, any more.  At least 95% of my time at home is spent in the char or in bed, so I’ll leave the remaining 5% to chance.)

So there’s the argument, from my personal perspective.  As we all do, I’m faced with all sorts of compromises when it comes to self-defense, and I’ve made my decisions based on preference, likelihood and circumstance.  Yours may (and probably will) differ, but I thought you might want to see my thought processes, in case that helps you refine your thinking and make your own decisions.

And now, if you’ll excuse me, it’s time to head to the range.  All this gun talk has made my finger itch.

News Roundup

As used by our best punk wannabe-assassins.

...just wait till after Inauguration Day, assholes.

...not a good couple of days for the Communists, was it?

Trump Picks Novelist As VP
...I was asked, but had to decline because ineligible.
#U.S.Constitution #ArticleIISection1

..now me, I’d call that a “target-rich” environmentI can’t believe the LGBTOSTFU and GLAAD crowd missed the show.  No doubt, Soros has scheduled them for tomorrow.

...can’t see why, they still have all those fraudulent ballots waiting to be counted.

...why should they change it?  The previous one worked out SO well.

...can’t imagine why.

...ya think, fuckwit?

On to some International News:

...gooder and harder, Izzies I’d forgotten all about the Paleos.

...let’s not forget our old stand-by, Global Warming Climate Cooling Change©.

...even for Africa, that’s an over-achiever.

...oh yeah;  almost forgot about those assholes too.

And back home:

...keyword:  Brooklyn.

And for some truly perplexing 

  ...sorry; I just can’t.

...ah yes, Elle;  still a skinnymalink after all these years.

I think we’ve covered the news (barely) adequately.