News Roundup

So continuing in that proud tradition:

...stupid Spelchek.

...yeah, we all guessed that.  They either lie, mislead, exaggerate or conceal, 24/7.

...other reasons include: attending the Governor’s Barbecue, tradition, being a cowboy, and because fuck you. most male Brit politicians are girlymen, this should not be surprising.

...yeah, how dare she interfere in her child’s education? [/teachers’ union]

...who is she, and why should you care?  Follow the link for the full story.

...on a per-insertion basis, that has to be some of the most expensive poontang in historySide thought:  how much does that crazy moron earn, anyway?

...the real mistake was when he tried to claim overtime for it.

And from the Dept. of Irony: The Great Assimilation Experiment continues. idea why, as “fuckup” does the job perfectly well.

...but no mention of flogging or castration, unfortunately.

...and who could blame them, other than the Education Establishment?

From between the sheets of INSIGNIFICA:


And following that last thought, something for my Lady Readers:

with link:
no need to thank me, it’s all part of the service — although at $120, you have to need it really badly.

And finally, our Paige Three Special:

Okay, strictly speaking, the last one isn’t a “golf” outfit;  but I needed to make up a four.

Unwelcome Silence

Damn it all:

Legendary Fleetwood Mac singer Christine McVie has died at the age of 79 – with the bandmates describing her as ‘truly one-of-a-kind’.

The songwriter was also a co-lead vocalist and keyboardist in the popular British-American rock band, which was originally formed in London.

Here’s my favorite Christine Perfect song, which she performed long before she went commercial.

…and the world has become just a little less beautiful.

Cue The Dynamite

Here we go again, with some egotistical asshole disfiguring the world with his “art”:

Vincent Van Gogh loved the light in Provence so much that he moved to the southern French city of Arles in 1888 for one of the key years of his short life. So how fitting that a new building, which dazzlingly reflects that light, has made Arles a major centre of contemporary art. Called Luma, it is designed by Frank Gehry, famous for his Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, who took inspiration from Van Gogh’s famous painting The Starry Night.

Given that Bilbao’s Guggenheim looks like a giant burst carbuncle, we all know where this one’s going:

Even worse than this, of course, is that a group of Bilbao’s city “planners” looked at the drawings and model of this disgusting excresence and said (in Spanish):  “Oh wow!  This is just what we need to make our city look more artistic!”  and signed off on the hideous thing.

But returning to our story, here’s Arles, as seen by Van Gogh:

And this maniac’s vision for Arles?

And it’s quite a sight: a ten-storey tower made of 11,000 twisted stainless steel panels, glass and concrete dominating a huge £150 million ‘creative campus’ on the site of a former railway yard.

They should have kept the railway yard.  From the genius himself:

Gehry says his Luma design was influenced not only by Van Gogh’s The Starry Night but by Arles’ Unesco-listed Roman heritage as well.

Yeah, nothing says “Roman” like twisted steel and glass.

If this distorted dildo had been around in Van Gogh’s time, we’d at least have one good reason why he cut his ear off.  In fact, he could have cut his eyes out, just to avoid looking at it.

And if Starry Night  makes you think of things like this, you need a psychiatrist more than Vincent ever did.

Gratuitous Gun Pic: Aguirre y Aranzabal No.2 (20ga)

Oh lookee here, at Gun Pusher Supreme Steve Barnett’s website:  a delectable shotgun.

And yes, it fills all Kim’s checkboxes:  side-by-side, double triggers, splinter forearm, straight stock, 20 gauge, 29-inch barrels.

Workmanlike-yet-classy gun case:

Decent-but not-showy engraving, plus a little case-coloring for a bonus:

And amazingly (for Barnett), a price that does not cause a nasal haemorrhage.  (And for those who enjoy shoulder pain, they also have a 12ga version of the above.)

Have mercy.