If ever there was a corporate decision that made no sense, it was FN Herstal/Browning’s to discontinue the manufacture of the much-loved Browning P-35 High Power.

Need less to say, that “gap” in the market was quickly filled by Springfield, with its SA-35:

…and more recently, from EAA/Girsan (Turkey), with its MC P35:

Okay, both clones are apparently made to FN specs, but both SA and EAA claim to have “cleaned up” the design, using modern tooling, steel  and manufacturing methods.  We’ll see over the next few years if this is in fact true.

Here are the principle differences between the two.  The SA-35 is more faithful to the original P35’s appearance, but does not come with the annoying magazine disconnect safety (which prevents the pistol from firing unless a magazine is inserted).  The MC P35 has a ambidextrous safety (which will endear it to left-hand shooters) but does feature said annoying magazine disconnect safety.  The SA-35 has a white dot front sight, while the MC P35 has the traditional HP’s white line front sight.

The SA-35 runs about $650 street, and the MC P35 about $525 street.

Now for the fun part.  When FN saw the response from gun owners to the new suppliers’ models, they said “Oops” (or however they say it in Belgianese) and re-released the P35, albeit uglier and at the typical FN/Browning premium price ($700 over the Springfield):

Me, IF I were in the market for a new High Power to replace the one I lost in that terrible canoeing accident on the Brazos, I’d get the Springfield SA-35 in a heartbeat.  Hell, I might get one anyway, just for spite.

Here’s an overview of all three new variants.


Poor bastards.

A new national gun surrender will allow people to anonymously hand in weapons and ammunition including heirlooms, shotguns and antique revolvers, as well as illegal stun guns and gas-firing blank pistols bought overseas.

“They can do that anonymously and there will be an amnesty for them in order to transport that weapon or be in possession of that weapon at the point they surrender it.

“No-one needs to be concerned about walking into a station or contacting their local force.

“We don’t need to know your name, we don’t need to know how you came into possession of it, all we need you to do is give us the gun.”

Makes me sick.  Fucking totalitarian assholes.

Monday Funnies

Yeah, it’s Monday:

So on we go, trying to make sense of it all… through philosophy:

And speaking of grannies, here are a few recent pics of Jane Seymour (71):


And if she can do it, so can you.

Classic Beauty: Suzanne Pleshette

I’ve loved this extraordinary woman since I was a 6-year-old boy, when I tagged along with my parents to see Roman Holiday  (a.k.a. Lovers Must Learn ), coming soon to TCM.  OMG that face, that laugh, and that voice

Not to mention her other attributes:

Here’s a political joke:

If I’d ever woken up next to her, you’d have had to pull me out of bed at gunpoint — with no guarantee of my compliance, either.

Intellectual Exercise

Came across this article, talking about the perennial summer riot situation:

The Left has a domestic army, funded by Americans through taxes, purchases, tuition, and fees, which it can deploy in any number of ways to subvert the will of the people, the function of government, and the rule of law. It’s an intolerable situation.

Yes, it most certainly is.  As the article points out:

Worse, these structures are flexibly effective, no matter the cause of the moment — all roads meet at the intersection, after all. Whether it’s pressuring recalcitrant CEOs to fund “anti-racism” organizations, menacing justices to support women’s “rights,” or lending a hand to local ballot traffickers (as described in the film 2000 Mules), Big Protest is well-staffed, well-funded, and ready to roll.

Which leads me to wonder:  what if a state governor, faced with the prospect of organized large-scale rioting and inadequate policing resources to deal with it, called on the unorganized militia of his state to participate and protect private properties from attack?

It’s never going to happen, of course — few if any governors would have the stones to give carte blanche  to its citizens to quell rioting and lawlessness — but it sure is an interesting scenario to contemplate.

News Update

Brought to you by:

And if Chinese isn’t good enough for you, try this one:

so no change from the ordinary for them, then.

From the Dept. Of Irony:

and if that didn’t make you chuckle, we can’t be friends.

well, you don’t want an amateur in that job, do you?  

of “unknown causes”.  Uh huh.

every time this old Commie opens his mouth, he reminds us that he’s a fucking moronOld age sucks.  Ask me how I know.

I know, my index finger is twitching too.

thus planning to drive away more and more people — I’m betting these assholes have shorted the stock.

unless they’re White male students, of course;  then it’s open season.

Then we have the Pussification Chronicles:

are you fucking kidding me?  That’s almost as bad as the next wussy

you might feel vulnerable;  I just want to punch you in the mouth, you fucking sissyYou even have a celebrity endorsement.

Doing manly things, on the other hand:

bourbon and razor-sharp axes:  always a good mix.



just throwing this out there, but maybe it has something to do with the vasectomy he had two years ago?

I’ve always had a soft (okay, hard) spot for Keeley Hazell, for two very good reasons.  Here she is arriving as some function or other:

And then, some other pics, just to give you an idea:


And that, as they say, is all the news that’s fit to leer at.