Commenting Bastardy

I know that the Comment-login thing is getting worse, and I apologize.  Tech Support is on the case, and warns that there may be some “fuckyness” [sic, good word, will steal]  while he’s exploring the innards of WordPress.

Please be patient while he activates the high explosives.

On a similar note, while talking about fuckyness:  correspondents may have noticed that my replies to emails come under my old own_drummer account.  Do not be alarmed;  this is because for some reason, when I reply using me@ or [email protected], the messages are bounced by the mail server.  This too will be addressed after the login fuckyness has been fixed.

In the meantime, here’s a little diversion:

New Time

In the past I’ve scheduled my posts to appear just after 6am Central so that people could read them either before or soon after they got to work — which many people have supported.  But several Longtime Brit and Euro Readers recently asked via email whether I could possibly give them the same opportunity, and it’s an easy change to make.

Henceforth, my daily posts will appear soon after midnight Central, i.e. early morning Over There.  (I have no Asian Readers other than a slew of what appears to be Chinese bots, and my ANZAC Readers will just have to deal with it, as the time difference is too extreme for me to do anything to help them.  Sorry.)

Speaking of Brits, Mr. Free Market shared this wonderful take on modern education with me, and I didn’t want it to be submerged amongst all the other cartoons and memes:

Brilliant.  (I know:  “Theorem” not “Theorum”.  Probably written by a Math guy.)

Damn Fucking Bloody Shit

As Regular Readers know full well, my website has been ill-treating comments (or attempts at commenting) like lions having a buffalo breakfast:

Net result is that nobody, least of all me, is happy about this.

So here’s what’s going to happen.

Over the next couple or so weeks, Tech Support II is going to rebuild this website and its functions on one of his own NSA-capacity servers.  This will take place when he’s not fighting the forces of evil and ineptitude (i.e. his regular paying job) and can devote some of his valuable free time to the rebuild.  When the time comes, we’ll all get a couple days’ warning, and then he’s going to flip a switch and migrate this whole back porch over to its new digs.

Some content — mostly, it should be said, all the comment-related toxicity — may disappear into the Intarwebz Black Hole never to be seen again. which means that there is a possibility that y’all may have to re-register, or maybe not, we’ll see.

Then all will be well:  unicorns running wild in the streets, winning lottery tickets for everybody and a massive, collective and fatal heart attack will strike dead all governmental swamp denizens.  (Hey, we can all dream, right?)

Either TSII or I will keep everybody posted as to progress as, if and when it occurs.


Update from TSII:  No need to re-register for the folks. The worst case is a couple of hours of comments getting lost in the move.

Slow News Days

Now that the mid-term elections are over (no comment), the news is not only slow but boring.  That fat little swindler has been arrested, Elon’s causing all sorts of shit with Twitter (excellent)… and that’s about it.

I’ve also been laid low (again) with that same flu I had back in the fall, which means I don’t have the energy to peel a frigging banana.

Accordingly, all you will see on this website for the next couple-three days will be pics of cars, women, guns, and anything else that grabs my fleeting attention or causes an outburst of ungovernable rage.

Hmmm… okay, so pretty much as normal, except no thoughtful essays.  Whatever.

Not Much To See Here

Last Saturday, while doing some routine maintenance on Ye Olde Lappe Toppe, I somehow managed to delete almost all my bookmarks.  This means I’ve lost my map to the Internet (which isn’t too much hassle) as well as the shortcuts to every single bit of research I’ve ever done since the world / Internet was young (which is a huge hassle).

The only saving grace (if it can be called that) is that my critical links (banking, rent, taxes etc.) were in a different bookmark folder and were spared destruction.


As such, I’ll be trying to rebuild my online heritage, so to speak, over the next week or two, and thus may take even longer than usual to respond to emails and such than normal. Please bear with me in my Tyme of Troubles:

…and keep sending those entries in for the ULD Rifle.

Also, no chiding me for failing to back up the Bookmarks file — easy in MS Windows (which I haven’t used in about three years), NOT so easy using Chrome, as it turns out.

There are times when I’m so fucking stupid…

[exit, punching self in face]