Fair Warning

Today’s Moving Day, finally.  I mean, most of our stuff is already at the new place, but the movers are coming to take care of all the Big ‘N Heavy Stuff — bed, armoire, couch and chairs — and I’ll be sort of between Internet services.  (From long and bitter experience, I expect that despite all my careful planning, AT&T is somehow going to cock things up so I might be Internet-free for the next couple of days.)

Please be patient;  “normal” service should resume shortly.

I hope.


  1. One of the worst things in the world is moving house. Wife and I are staring down the barrel of having to sell our far-too-big, two-storey, 4 x 2, study, casual meals, formal dining, casual family room, formal lounge on 1001 sq m block for something more manageable in our dotage. NOT looking forward to it. At least I won’t have to worry about firearms storage … police are going to confiscate those!

      1. And he’d be welcome to them. But getting them exported from Australia to the USA may be problematical … 😀

  2. Good luck with your move. And then you can go and have some quality time at the range.

  3. Good luck with your move. I hope it all goes smoothly and painlessly for you and the Missus.

    Thank you for some good pictures to hold us over.

  4. Good luck with the move. We’ll be waitbg for your return, whenever AT&T deems it. I hope you forget any pain involved in the move as fast as Joe Biden would.

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