1. Leisurely yet invigoratingly is this simulated ‘chinese fire-drill’ portrait from the Entrance Parade at Wasteland Weekend!
    [in the states, a ‘chinese fire-drill’ involves switching seats at a stop-light]

  2. Yes, Mamood, we all agree, You have created the best Tactical of all the Hothi forces, as a reward the Imam has increased your martyr’s reward to 125 Virgins. You are bound to collect soon as you now look like a Tank to the infidel drones and satellites. Do not stay in one place for very long.

  3. Abdul misunderstood the news report that Barcelona were looking for a new stryker.

  4. No, I ain’t gonna sit in the back under that goddamn thing, and you ain’t about to make me.

  5. Toyota releases new trim accessories available for the Hilux. Sorry North American Tacoma owners, these great upgrades are not available to you.

  6. Actors wait for their queue in Disney’s new reboot of the Mad Max series, ‘Mad Abdul.’

  7. The discovery Channel’s new show Junkyard Wars Syria starts Monday at 8:00 pm Eastern. 7:00 pm Central time.

  8. Abdul, putting a claymore on a pogo stick is pure genius. Just hop over the infidels and trigger it – all dead for Allah!

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