Envious Socialism, Part 17

Here’s a headline which made the news recently:

BBC star Gabby Logan and her husband Kenny were paid more than £500,000 to promote major tax avoidance scheme to their celebrity friends

…followed by:

The tax avoidance scheme sparked a huge public backlash when it was exposed

…followed WAY down the page by this little admission:

There is no suggestion of illegality on the part of Mr or Mrs Logan, or any other celebrities mentioned.

In other words, these folks used their popularity and names to pimp a legal product to their friends.  Happens every day, so why the fuss?

Because some most  people in Britishland seem to think that tax avoidance is the same as tax evasion — which they aren’t of course;  the first is not only legal but praiseworthy, while the second is a crime, ask Boris Becker — the lovely Gabby and her handsome hubby are going to be “called as witnesses” in a court case which they aren’t involved with.

And let’s not even talk about the “public backlash” from the Perpetually Envious Set, who think that the government is “owed” tax money (when in fact it’s extorted at gunpoint).

Anyway, the pics of Gabby in the linked article are total crap.  Here are a couple of good ones, from my files:

All part of the service, no need to thank me.

News Roundup

Sponsored by the manufacturers of:

And in similar vein:

...and they said romance was dead.

...roll on Cherry 2000, baby.

...and handed it to the cops as “evidence”.  Works for me.

...because no Black man, ever, has stolen a car.

...Rolling who?

...wait, a 1.5 Richter?  [laughs in Turkish]

...once again:  beware round numbers.  And see next week’s breathless report which will completely contradict this one.

sorry, m’lady, but this started LONG before #MeToo.

...okay, now THAT’S funny.

From the Dept. Of Energy:

...eagles to the west of me, whales in the east, here I am stuck in the middle with you coal. [thankee, Reader terrapod]

...and predictably, all the mainstream media reports are about how the cops beat him up while getting his gun away from him.

...if they can fuck with Roald Dahl’s books, I can bowdlerize their fucking headlines.

And from the dripping files of INSIGNIFICA:


And finally, on a musical note:

…and while we’re there:

I think she’s adorable — although I’m still trying to deal with her being 48 (!!!) — and she has a brilliant (and sexy) stage act.

What If?

Apparently, there’s a mayoral election in Chicago today.  In any other city (peopled by sane voters), an incumbent and incompetent mayor like Lori Lightweight would be not only tossed out of office, but out of her tenth-floor office window.

But this is Chicago, so she may well be reelected, simply because she’s running against the seven nine dwarfs. and the vote will be so splintered that a runoff is a distinct possibility.

Frankly, I’m looking at the thing the same way I look at two lions fighting on Animal Planet:  morbid curiosity, indifference, detachment, no favorites, and so on.  Where this differs from a lion fight is that if Mayor Betelgeuse is reelected, the Chicago voters are going to get what they deserve, good and hard (to quote Mencken).

And I’ll still be morbidly curious, indifferent and detached, because stupid people need to have the consequences of their stupidity shoved in their stupid faces.

More Double Trouble

…and we’re not talking shotguns, either.  No, as I’ve mentioned in the past on several occasions (here, here, here and here), I get confused between two totties unless their pics are side by side (again, not a shotgun reference).  I speak of Una Thurman (L) and Natascha McElhone (R):

“But Kim,” you say, “they don’t look anything alike, and their names are dissimilar.  Even for your addled old brain…”

Uh huh.


See what I mean?  No?  Oh well.

They’re still both totally hot.