More Double Trouble

…and we’re not talking shotguns, either.  No, as I’ve mentioned in the past on several occasions (here, here, here and here), I get confused between two totties unless their pics are side by side (again, not a shotgun reference).  I speak of Una Thurman (L) and Natascha McElhone (R):

“But Kim,” you say, “they don’t look anything alike, and their names are dissimilar.  Even for your addled old brain…”

Uh huh.


See what I mean?  No?  Oh well.

They’re still both totally hot.


  1. Yeah, not seein’ it, but appreciate the pics nonetheless. Both of these ladies seem to be aging naturally, without too much artificial correction. That’s always a pleasure to see. Of the two, Natascha has always made my heart throb.

  2. Never heard of one, barely heard of the other.
    Both are slightly below mediocre. yawn
    I like the golfer chick much better, she’s a 10+.

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