What If?

Apparently, there’s a mayoral election in Chicago today.  In any other city (peopled by sane voters), an incumbent and incompetent mayor like Lori Lightweight would be not only tossed out of office, but out of her tenth-floor office window.

But this is Chicago, so she may well be reelected, simply because she’s running against the seven nine dwarfs. and the vote will be so splintered that a runoff is a distinct possibility.

Frankly, I’m looking at the thing the same way I look at two lions fighting on Animal Planet:  morbid curiosity, indifference, detachment, no favorites, and so on.  Where this differs from a lion fight is that if Mayor Betelgeuse is reelected, the Chicago voters are going to get what they deserve, good and hard (to quote Mencken).

And I’ll still be morbidly curious, indifferent and detached, because stupid people need to have the consequences of their stupidity shoved in their stupid faces.


  1. I wouldn’t be surprised at what creature Chicagoans put into office. The place has a reputation for being utterly crooked. If Beetlejuice does lose, I wouldn’t be surprised if someone as bad or worse gets into office. The same thing after De Blasio left office in New York. The only sad thing about Beetlejuice getting voted out of office is that the jokes go away.


  2. Wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest to see her win, again.
    Reasoning, such as it is, follows.
    The ballots have already been printed and delivered to strategic locations.
    This will NOT be a landslide but just enough to put her ‘over the top’ and
    not enough of a win to cause some arching of eyebrows.
    I have become unalterably convinced that this has been going on for
    longer than any of us think and has only really swung into high gear after
    the 2020 ‘success’ !
    Notice how more and more people are asking ‘how in the hell can the MAJORITY of people be so stupid to REPEATEDLY elect people who make
    EVERYTHING worse instead of better ?’
    Now you know the answer to that question – They ‘AREN’T that stupid, the damn
    elections are rigged and have been for years. I seriously doubt that the situation we face will EVER get better. This country that I love is circling the drain and increasing speed and I can only see one solution and it that is what happens then by God, as someone once said, let it be in my time so that my children may have peace !

  3. Too bad there aren’t enough concerned citizens in Chicago land to act like the people of Athens TN in 1946.

    1. Deplorable,
      These days the only difference I can find among Democrats is whether their dues are paid up at the Communist Party of the USA or not.


      1. Vallas seems somewhat more reasonable, but only by a razor-thin margin. He’s good with the cops, is endorsed by the Fraternal Order, and has two sons who wear the blue. If any of this year’s crop of candidates have a shot at fixing a few things, he might be one of them. Maybe.

    1. There’s only one thing uglier: A country where some socialist/communist/fascist got full power to implement their policies.

      My theory of how she lost this election: The *ists in charge of stealing votes realized that it’s a mistake to put their ugliest face forward, so they stole votes for someone else.

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