Rat, Smelling Of A

Why is Nikki Haley still running, despite thumping defeats?

I smell skulduggery.  Run with me on this one.

What if the Socialists find some way to “legally” exclude Trump from running — say, with the collusion of the Supreme Court, even?

Would DeSantis have time to get his campaign up and running again?  And if not, would Haley end up being the default Republican choice as the only “officially declared” candidate?

And if we go Full Tinfoil Hat (as Kevin Downey has done at PJM):  is the fix already in, and she knows it?

Ten years ago, I would have laughed myself off the stage for even thinking this nonsense.  But after seeing “80 Million Votes” Biden’s little game in 2020, I’m not ruling anything out anymore.

The Right Attitude

I don’t care about this political weasel called Dominic Cummings — surely it’s a pornstar name? — but when he was Boris “Massive Failure” Johnson’s advisor back when the serial stud was BritPM, our Dominic said a few really nasty things about some female political weasel or other named Helen MacNamara:

As I said, I have no familiarity with (or interest in) the people and issues involved, but I do like the man’s style.

Needless to say, his blunt honesty is getting him into Big Trouble Over There, and said feministical has gone into Full Butthurt Whine Mode, but in my opinion, modern politics needs more blunt honesty and less mealy-mouthed circumlocution.

Now excuse me while I write another post about how some senile old fuckwit is screwing up our country…

Permanent Stance: Bent Over

Here’s some (un)surprising news:

Republicans Are About to Get Caught With Their Pants Down in Virginia’s Elections

Ummm I hate to break it to you, but the Stupid Party’s pants are in a perpetual state of “down”, which is why the Socialists find it so easy to bend them over the desk, time after time.

Still, the details are awful, but in fact pretty predictable:

Virginia is one of the few states that holds its state-wide elections on off years, and the balance of its General Assembly there hangs in the balance. Gov. Glenn Youngkin has been working non-stop to secure a majority, both to deliver tangible conservative wins and to redefine the narrative surrounding more recent GOP losses.

Unfortunately, according to a new report, the Republican National Committee doesn’t seem to be interested in helping with that cause.

…because that might hinder the Stupid Party’s efforts to help the Socialists, you see.

And if you smell “Romney” all over this one, you would be correct.

The Republican Party is the NRA of conservatism.

Newsom’s Newcomer

Let’s go over CalGov Newsom’s checklist for the replacement for the late Feinstein’s Senate seat:

  • Woman —
  • Black —
  • Lesbian —
  • Supports abortion —
  • Reliably socialist —
  • Not a California resident — (she was born in California, but she’s resident in Maryland and actually registered to vote there — technically, she’s disqualified, but this is California so who cares)

Doesn’t matter;  she’s only there to maintain the Socialist majority in the Senate — no doubt her replacement (if she’s not elected in 2024) will be just as bad, or worse.

Stupid Idiots

Some people just haven’t got the memo.  Like senior hillbilly Asa Hutchinson [who? nemmind, just stay with me here]:

GOP presidential candidate former Gov. Asa Hutchinson (R-AR) said Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union” that former President Donald Trump is in “serious jeopardy” of being found not to be qualified to be president.

…and the rest of his statement is all politico-legal jargon about “courts” and whatever.

You clueless idiot.  Can’t you see that the more people line up against Trump — especially the DoJ, the White House and morons like yourself — the more likely that conservative voters who are just pissed off at the whole circus will just say, “Fuck all y’all!” and vote for Trump in still-greater numbers, just out of spite?

Regardless, Asa old bean, if Trump is found “not qualified” to be president (by whom? on what grounds?), then what does that make you?