Age Limit

There are several reasons why there are age limits set for holders of public office — the POTUS has to be over 40, for example — but here’s a classic case to support why youngins need to be kept away from the levers of power:

[Democrat lawmaker] Aaron Coleman, 21, was arrested early Saturday morning on suspicion of drunken driving, the Kansas Highway Patrol said. Coleman was already out on bond from him being detained over suspicions of domestic battery.

But that’s not all, folks!

Coleman has been a regular source of controversy in Kansas since he was elected in 2020. A legislative committee reprimanded the 21-year-old Democrat in February due to alleged past abuses against girls and young women. He was also barred from the Kansas Department of Labor due to alleged “disruptive, intimidating and berating behavior.”


The Kansas Democratic Party withdrew its support of Coleman in 2020 after he admitted to posting revenge pornography.

Talk about an overachiever… this being the 2020s and he being a Democrat, I wouldn’t be surprised if he runs for President, next.  Never mind that Constitutional nonsense, it’s racist or something.

I know, you want to know what this little shit stain looks like:

Thomas Jefferson would be so proud.

Eucalyptus Now

Impossible?  I don’t think so, and nor does this guy, in a very thoughtful and clear essay:

Talk of insurrection, secession, civil conflict and civil war is no longer the chatter of the gullible and the mentally ill.

The year 2021 has thus far been a spectacular year for signs of political decline: the US has now seen all the notable “horsemen of the apocalypse” that historically herald strife and revolution appear, one after another. Political division among its elites, increasing loss of legitimacy in the eyes of the population, military defeat abroad, and a new and very ominous crisis in the real economy, with no end date in sight.
Any one of these crises would be bad enough on their own; taken together, they represent a truly serious threat to the stability of the current order.

Read the whole thing.

To my mind, the question is not whether the U.S. would survive a civil war (because it would);  it’s what it would look like afterwards.  The situation is nowhere close to the First Civil War of 1860, the end of which simply restored the country to the status quo ante.  That’s not going to happen this time.

I don’t need to remind anyone on this website that National Ammo Day is in two days’ time, do I?


From some politician I’ve never heard of:

The chairman of the Republican Study Committee (RSC) released a memo on Election Day evening that asserts the results clearly show Republicans “must become the party of parents.”

Ummm excuse me, Captain Obvious, but conservative Republicans have always been the party of parents — or, to be more specific, of the family.  Conservatives espouse the family as the basic building block of societal strength and cohesion.

It’s the godless Left who strive always to break up the family, who think that children belong to the State, who are trying to set children against their parents and who are constantly railing against those longstanding institutions (like the family) because unfairness or racism or whatever fucking tarbrush they use to paint them — and us — as evil.

So when some mainstream Republican asshole [redundancy alert]  suddenly realizes that “OMG we now have a weapon to beat the Democrats!”, it just reinforces to the rest of us how out of touch and useless they are.

Wake up, you idiots.

Well, Now

Here’s an interesting piece of news coming from Seffrica:

Members of the the South African men’s cricket team competing at the T20 World Cup in the United Arab Emirates have been ordered to “take the knee” before every match. A directive issued by the Cricket South Africa (CSA) Board late Monday night outlined the new requirement.
The move follows the team’s T20 World Cup opener against Australia on the weekend when players were seen variously standing, kneeling or raising a fist during the statutory pre-match BLM protest.

And then this subsequent situation:

South African cricket star Quinton de Kock withdrew from a major international competition Tuesday rather than follow a new policy requiring players to kneel for the country’s national anthem in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement.
De Kock, who was named South Africa’s “Cricketer of the Year” in 2020, and who has served as the team’s captain, made himself unavailable for the team’s T20 World Cup match against the West Indies on Tuesday, rather than be forced to kneel.

I know that few Readers on this here back porch would be familiar with the game and players of cricket, so let me tell you:  this is a big fucking deal.  Quinton de Kock is one of the best cricketers in the world — ask anyone who follows international cricket — and as he’s the team’s wicket-keeper (catcher, in baseball terms) and a first-class batter who has more than once won games all by his own efforts, his loss to the SA team will be incalculable.

That said, Cricket South Africa is more of a political institution than a sports governing body, so they’re not going to make an exception — CSA is the bunch of fools who mandated that all SA cricket teams have to consist of x number of White players, y number of Black players, and z number of “other races”, regardless of talent.  So the teams are picked almost exclusively by color.

Anyway, De Kock has decided not to follow this BLM kneeling bullshit, and good for him.  His courage in putting it all on the line for his beliefs will not be forgotten.