Ugly, All Round

Here’s the headline:

…and my first thought was: if a judge can’t be trusted with a gun on board a plane, then who can?

But then commonsense kicked in and my secondary thought was:  fuck ’em.  I’m sick of all these carve-outs and special treatments for people like this.  If I can’t carry a gun on a plane, then nobody should (excepting U.S. Marshals acting as “sky marshals”, perhaps).

But it gets worse.  From the story:

One of the latest gun owners to find herself in this embarrassing and potentially pricey situation is Bexar County Court Judge Rosie Speedlin Gonzalez, who recently realized the hard way that she had left one of her pistols in her carry-on bag as she was going through security at the San Antonio airport on her way to a conference in Miami.

At which point my antennae started to twitch a little.  Bexar (pronounced “bear”) county is San Antonio (city motto:  “Like Austin, but with less class”), so no doubt “Speedy” Gonzales is one of those Children of Soros judges… and then the next paragraph confirmed it:

Gonzalez says police allowed her wife to come pick up the gun.

Her wife?

Ah, fuck.  I apologize in advance, but here’s a pic of Speedy:

…complete with rainbow LGBTOSTFU flag, no less.

And another story about her, on that same topic:

A lesbian judge in Texas has been sanctioned for displaying a rainbow flag in her courtroom, after a lawyer complained that it was a “symbol of sexuality” and comparable to a swastika.

Bexar County Judge Rosie Speedlin Gonzalez is appealing a decision by the Texas Commission on Judicial Conduct, which told her in a private sanction that the rainbow flag — which flew alongside the U.S. flag and Texas state flag — was a breach of impartiality rules, Texas Lawyer reports.

Gonzalez made history in 2018 by becoming the first openly gay judge to be elected in Bexar County, and argued that the flag represented equality in her courtroom.

Listen, you rug-munching cow:  by definition, every courtroom in the United States represents equality before the law, and you shouldn’t have to wave your silly little flag to “prove” it.

I need to stop now before that 300+ blood pressure thing kicks in.

Range time?  I think so.

Quick Question

Who best exemplifies the following statement:

“Queen of the official lie, expert in the art of constructed reality and disguising its crimes by attributing them to its victims.”

A.  Modern-day Russia
B.  The U.S. Democrat Party
C.  Most totalitarian regimes
D.  All the above.

Answers in Comments.  And then read this.

Pinochet Wins Again

I loved visiting Chile back in 2015.  The country was lovely, the people were friendly, and the food was not only fantastic but cheap.

The problem is that in Chile, the ghosts of Augusto Pinochet and Salvador Allende are still a presence in the country — the former in country-club toasts like “To General Pinochet:  the savior of Chile”, and the latter in the elections such as the last one, which installed a Marxist government.

Speaking of the Marxists, they wasted no time in drawing up a new (Communist) constitution for Chile, which they put up to the vote last week.

Seems as though the Chileans figured it all out, though, because they voted down the proposed constitution, 62%-38%.

Predictably, the Left had promoted the new constitution with rallies in their usual manner, such as this one:

One particularly alienating performance occurred in the city of Valparaiso just a week before the vote at an event in favor of the new constitution when “a drag queen had the national flag pulled out of his rectum while his bandmates encouraged the audience to ‘abort Chile,’” according to the Economist, resulting in widespread outrage.

Valparaiso, lest we forget, is the birthplace of Augusto Pinochet, where women place fresh flowers reverently outside his old house every day.  This is not the place for the Left to let their freak flag fly, as fellow-Lefty David Crosby once crooned;  but they did, and then wondered why the people told them to jump off a building.

I bet a lot of Chileans would support Lefties jumping from helicopters far out at sea, too.

Like I said, Pinochet’s ghost is never far away.

Update: the Communist Party (U.S. Division) are dismayed at all that democracy.


Remember when I said that conservatives (and the few conservative Republicans) should declare victory, and not start overreaching and going crazy?

This is what I meant by going crazy:

The delegates of the Republican Party of Texas voted overwhelmingly to add a plank to the party platform calling for a statewide vote for returning to an independent nation. Texas GOP officials told Breitbart Texas the plank received approximately 80 percent of the delegate votes cast at the June state convention.

You fucking morons.  The Great State of Texas can’t even manage its electricity delivery properly (whether it’s too cold or too hot), and now you want to be an independent country?

You know, we do not call them the Stupid Party for nothing — they earn the sobriquet just about every election cycle.

Just keep on walking in that direction, why don’tcha.

Oh and by the way:  I myself — one of the most conservative Republican voters you’ll ever meet — will vote against the measure.

The Three Things

Back when I was a retail marketing analyst, I used to make formal presentations to my clients about every month or so, each aimed at different audiences within the company — buyers / merchandisers, operations, marketing / advertising and senior management (the last being more of an annual high-altitude presentation, of course).

Because of the volume of data I had on hand it was almost impossible to show all of it, so I would provide summaries, but with all the data on hand in case there were any questions requiring a deep dive into the supporting numbers.

I would then make a summary of the summary, and give each executive an action plan consisting of three, and only three things that had the highest priority with the greatest impact, with the suggestion that they tackle those three items immediately after the meeting.  (Their bosses, of course, got the list of all the departments’ action items so that they could follow up to make sure that they’d been addressed.)

That habit has stayed with me ever since, especially when, as today, I see an enormous problem that needs fixing.  What spurs me on to even greater efforts is when I see that the people who are supposed to be fixing the problem either not doing anything (a massive clue that they don’t know what to do), or are timidly tinkering around the edges of the problem when in fact, the remedies are quite simple, but usually radical.

Here’s what I’m looking at right now.  Read this article first, please, and then come back below the fold.

Read more

Intellectual Exercise

Came across this article, talking about the perennial summer riot situation:

The Left has a domestic army, funded by Americans through taxes, purchases, tuition, and fees, which it can deploy in any number of ways to subvert the will of the people, the function of government, and the rule of law. It’s an intolerable situation.

Yes, it most certainly is.  As the article points out:

Worse, these structures are flexibly effective, no matter the cause of the moment — all roads meet at the intersection, after all. Whether it’s pressuring recalcitrant CEOs to fund “anti-racism” organizations, menacing justices to support women’s “rights,” or lending a hand to local ballot traffickers (as described in the film 2000 Mules), Big Protest is well-staffed, well-funded, and ready to roll.

Which leads me to wonder:  what if a state governor, faced with the prospect of organized large-scale rioting and inadequate policing resources to deal with it, called on the unorganized militia of his state to participate and protect private properties from attack?

It’s never going to happen, of course — few if any governors would have the stones to give carte blanche  to its citizens to quell rioting and lawlessness — but it sure is an interesting scenario to contemplate.