Quote Of The Day

From Steve Sailer:

“Wokeism is simply the ideological rationalization of white dispossession.”

Quite right.  Also the preceding sentence in the article:

“White-run countries in Europe, North America, and the Antipodes are the best places in the world, so the rest of the world wants to take them away from whites.”

Let’s expand the thought a little:

Western culture is by far the greatest and most beneficial social system ever to be created for mankind, so let’s destroy it so we can all be equally miserable and impoverished.

Feel free to try to prove me (or Sailer) wrong.

Quote Of The Day

…this time from Stephen Kruiser:

The dumpster fire of awful that is the J.R. Biden administration never stops burning for a moment, which is obviously bad for the country right now but should help the Republicans steamroll to big victories in next year’s midterm election.
Heavy on the “should”.
Many of us are fond of reminding people that one must never underestimate the ability of the Republican Party to completely screw things up.

Yup, when it comes to political opportunity, nothing sums up the Republican response like this:

As currently constituted, the Republican Party is to conservatism is like the NRA is to fighting gun control:  occasionally helpful, but but more often than not:  not.

Adding Words

I think that other than when talking about new technology (for which no word) exists, the English language can do without any wholesale addition of new words, especially the conversion of nouns to verbs (“verbing”) and using industry-specific terminology (e.g. cops “surveilling” a suspect, don’t even get me started on lawyers), and so on.

Yes, I am fully aware that one of English’s greatest strengths is its ability to borrow, purloin or outright steal words from other languages, but that’s not the point of this discussion.

Two new words have come to my notice, both have to do with political elimination of either rivals or embarrassments, and I love them.

The first (and most obvious) word is the new noun/verb to “Epstein” someone, i.e. to kill or have someone killed in such a manner as to make it appear like suicide, even though it’s manifestly impossible for that to have happened without some kind of conspiracy.  Other than the eponymous source, one could easily apply the term to the erstwhile Clinton associate Vince Foster, Republican operative Pete Smith or reporter Chris Sign.  (That all the above were involved with the Clintons is purely coincidental [eyecross]. )

The second new word is the verbing of the word “pillow”, i.e. to murder someone more discreetly than by the usual shooting or stabbing, for example.  The Z-Man provides an example in his fine analysis of the two (Biden vs. Clinton) wings in the Democrat Party, which concludes thus:

The Biden people are not without their options. The one important card they have is that Harris is a weird blend of stupidity and offensiveness. She had all the resources one could want in the primary and managed to drive her own popularity down to zero by simply being herself. Having a dementia patient in the White House is manageable but a bitter ingrate with a chip on her shoulder is a problem. Putting Angry DMV Lady in the Oval Office could turn out to be a bigger disaster than Afghanistan.
Of course, the other option is to find a way to remove Harris first and replace her with someone the party can trust. Then they can pillow Biden before the midterm and run the sympathy script they have ready.

That pillowing is likewise related to the Clintons is purely coincidental.  Of course.

Not Just A Rug Anymore

I’ve often talked about how there’s no point in admitting immigrants — and especially refugees (like Rep. Ilhan Omar, for example) — when they are not interested in becoming part of the national culture, and in fact are actively hostile to it.

It seems as though Austria is starting to see the wisdom in those words, albeit too late.

Read the rest to see exactly why.

And note that the Austrians can’t change their laws to reflect their new reality and deport said criminals and rapists back to their shithole of origin, because they are governed by EU law in this regard, and cannot change it.

I can hear yet another Brexit-sigh of relief coming from Britishland…