Total Agreement

I see that the Russkis are getting in on the act:

A Russian state TV host called on the U.S. to remove President Joe Biden and reinstate former President Donald Trump days after Biden made his own call for a regime change aimed at Vladimir Putin.

Trust me, Eugene old buddy, we want that regime change much more than you do — but whereas you lot can just murder the top guy and put someone else in his place, we have that Constitution thing which tells us that it’s a no-no.  We have to wait till the next elections in 2024 when we can cast this asshole (and his godless Party reptiles) out of office and begin the job of rebuilding the catastrophe of his policies both foreign and domestic.

However — and please take note of this — little adventures of the Ukrainian type will be tolerated even less by the non-Biden successor, so take all your war toys and conscripts back while you still have the choice, and stick them in mothballs.

We may be busy with the Great Reconstruction in a couple years’ time, but that doesn’t mean we’ll just sit by while you assholes invade the Baltic republics or Poland;  because one of the things we’ll be reconstructing is our military.

Depend on it.

Just Be Careful, Kristi

In the face of L.A. cops being fired for refusing Rona jabs, SDGov Kristi Noem says:

“To LA County law enforcement officers facing potential firing: In South Dakota, you will not be fired for making personal health decisions. We respect law enforcement and everything you do to defend our freedoms. We would love to have you come join us.”

That’s all well and good, Governor, and let’s hope some of them take up your offer and come on up to the Mount Rushmore State.

But please make a few ground rules clear before you send them out to police your citizens, especially in terms of the Second Amendment.  While cops generally are quite conservative, I’m not so sure about California cops, because they’ve been enforcing some pretty shitty un-Constitutional anti-gun laws in the Golden Shower State and they’ll probably need a training course in SD gun laws to remind them of the “shall not be infringed” stuff.  They’ll also need to become free of the fear of seeing citizens carrying guns openly, never mind concealed.

Just a thought.

Age Limit

There are several reasons why there are age limits set for holders of public office — the POTUS has to be over 40, for example — but here’s a classic case to support why youngins need to be kept away from the levers of power:

[Democrat lawmaker] Aaron Coleman, 21, was arrested early Saturday morning on suspicion of drunken driving, the Kansas Highway Patrol said. Coleman was already out on bond from him being detained over suspicions of domestic battery.

But that’s not all, folks!

Coleman has been a regular source of controversy in Kansas since he was elected in 2020. A legislative committee reprimanded the 21-year-old Democrat in February due to alleged past abuses against girls and young women. He was also barred from the Kansas Department of Labor due to alleged “disruptive, intimidating and berating behavior.”


The Kansas Democratic Party withdrew its support of Coleman in 2020 after he admitted to posting revenge pornography.

Talk about an overachiever… this being the 2020s and he being a Democrat, I wouldn’t be surprised if he runs for President, next.  Never mind that Constitutional nonsense, it’s racist or something.

I know, you want to know what this little shit stain looks like:

Thomas Jefferson would be so proud.