Here we go again:

Donald Trump has announced he’s running for the 2024 US presidency as he bids to return to the White House for a second time.

The 76-year-old has confirmed he will be throwing his hat in the ring to be the Republican nominee to contest president Joe Biden in two years time.

“In order to make America great and glorious again, I am tonight announcing my candidacy for president of the United States,” Trump said to an audience of several hundred supporters, club members and gathered press in a chandeliered ballroom at his Mar-a-Lago club.

He stood flanked by more than 30 American flags and banners that read, “Make America Great Again!”

“I am running because I believe the world has not yet seen the true glory of what this nation can be,” he continued. “We will again put America first.”

At this point, there’s only one thing left to do:



Wake me up, politically speaking, in December 2024.


  1. We’ve known this was coming, didn’t we? Good idea? Bad idea? Me and my bartender will have to kick this one around before I decide, but I’m not as enthused as I was eight years ago. He’s still got a solid following. He won’t have to educate America on what he thinks or what his plans are. But he still has a solid cadre of enemies. Without the fabled “red wave,” he’s still going to have to spend as much time and energy defending himself as he will campaigning.

    There’s already at least a dozen Republicans lining up to begin the run for the presidency. Some can be written off right now, others might deserve consideration. We as the grunts out here will have to decide if we want to see a Republican President in 2025, and we will have to all get behind one candidate early and push hard. Play by Dem rules and fight dirty if you want to win.

  2. Trump running again is going to be A Bad Thing. Firstly, it means the Dems won’t have to make even a token effort to be reasonable. All they’ll have to say is, “Still not Donald Trump!” and anything else they say will be acceptable to a lot of people. Secondly, when (not if) Trump fails to get the Republican nomination I can easily see him deciding to go independent which will siphon away voters from the Republican candidates. Who, even if they’re not exactly what we want, are generally preferable to the Democrats.

    1. That’d be me, but I’ll just say ahead of time, people wouldn’t follow me out of a burning building if I was standing under an exit sign, so I’m not the guy. 😛

  3. Perhaps Trump and De Santis will have the good sense to team up.

    Trump as President, De Santis as VP in case Trump dies or becomes disabled or gets impeached for saying true things or doing proper and things, and hopefully to inject some sense into Trump’s head before he opens his mouth.

    Having De Santis as VP makes Trump unimpeachable by a Democrat congress. If congress stays Republican, them eejits are easily capable of impeaching their own man, but even if they do, they get De Santis.

    All Trump would have to do to seal the deal would be to agree to resign 6 months or so before the next following election to let De Santis run for “re-election” as a sitting and successful President.

    1. The one (and only) negative I have about The Donald is that he got scammed (COVID); DeS came to his senses after a little while. I think DeS just might be able to fill in The Donald’s weak areas and four years of Trump/DeS POTUS/VEEP team might just be the greatest thing this country’s seen since its inception (with a right-leaning Congress to back them).

      1. 8 years.

        -3-1/2 years of Trump & De Santis
        -6 months of De Santis & Some Right Wing Murdering Fascist-Nazi (according to the left)
        -4 years of De Santis & Another Right Wing Murdering Fascist-Nazi (still according to the left)

        1. Trump/Desantis will never happen. Trump likes to surround himself with strong, self-assured, hot women. When it comes to the male of the species, he’s all about the beta males. See: Mike Pence.

          Desantis/Trump will never happen, because Desantis is too smart.

          1. A smart De Santis would be able to manipulate Trump to ensure a united right and a conservative future. I believe De Santis is easily smart enough to handle Trump. Trump was never a huge intellect, rather he was a forceful man with proper convictions.

            Pence was foisted on him by the swamp. Trump’s big mistakes all came from “advice” from the swamp. he was wrong and stupid to do that. I hope he’s learned.

  4. Kim, I believe a post you made several days ago regarding Trump was spot on. I don’t believe that Trump has the stamina and constitution to be an effective president again. He did a poor job gathering Republicans to his issues when the GOP controlled the Senate and House during his first two years in office. It takes two to tango so Trump bears responsibility for that as well as Turtle McConnell and Paul The Weasel Ryan. To Trump’s credit he did cut taxes and appoint better judges. He pulled us out of the Paris Climate propaganda Accords which was good but only temporary. Trump coerced the rest of NATO to start paying their share of national defense. Putin didn’t get froggy until Trump was out of office. Same with the NorKos. Communist China released a biological weapon onto the world. Unfortunately they won’t be held accountable for it. Trump also made it clear that it is well past time to fling back the hubris at the press and other Democrats. That’s nice and entertaining but it is hardly productive policy.

    I’ll probably support someone else in the primary.


  5. We have a minimum age for POTUS. We should have a max as well, I vote we cut it off at 80.

  6. The bigger CURRENT issue is getting Cocaine Mitch out of the Senate leadership position. That snake has done nothing for the Tea Party/MAGA conservatives while keeping his kleptocratic side hustles with Dems, the GOPe and the Biden Crime Family going full on.
    Let Trump and DeSantis slug it out, but for the love of the smiling baby Jeesus, Cocaine Mitch and his dangerous decepticons (see pic at link below) need to get off the teat of the Uniparty and GO HOME!×467.jpg

    1. No matter the age, at least let’s get someone from a different party than the democrats who doesn’t have dementia.

      This fucking clown we got now doesn’t even know what day it is.

  7. In my post yesterday, I avoided naming other possible Republican candidates to see what others might offer. Seeing DeSantis mentioned time and again helps me thing that political stupidity hasn’t overcome the Republicans… yet.

    DeSantis would not be a bad choice two years from now. But what if people could convince Trump to head out and campaign for the PARTY, not necessarily for his candidacy? He has the power to draw crowds. He makes speeches that stir people up. Let him help other conservative Republicans elected nationwide at all levels, then give him an ambassadorship somewhere.

    Donald Trump can be a useful tool if he can be convinced that party is more important than person.

    1. “Donald Trump can be a useful tool if he can be convinced that party is more important than person.”

      Your question answers itself. Look up narcissist in the dictionary, you’ll see Donnie Douchebag staring you down.

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