Jon Sanders writes about this latest trend from governments:

It already seems as if people are being conditioned to expect talk of rolling blackouts whenever the weather outside seems frightful.

To be very clear: rolling blackouts are not now, nor have they been, normal in the US. Therefore, having to expect rolling blackouts going forward would be abnormal. Nevertheless, as utility providers and power grid monitors have recently warned, the more grids are saddled with intermittent, unreliable wind and solar facilities, the more unreliable they are becoming. They’re more prone to capacity shortfalls and blackouts.

And this, my friends, is utter bullshit.

I don’t want to live under the constant threat of “rolling blackouts”, “load shedding” or any of the other cutesy little euphemisms these bastards come up with to disguise their incompetence.

I expect — no, I demand — to have uninterrupted electricity, 24/7/365, no matter the weather conditions or for any other reason.

If this means that power generation is achieved through burning coal, gas, oil or hippies, I don’t care.

Despite what the Greens and other eco-freaks think, electricity is not an indulgence or a luxury;  it is as important to our civilization as food or water.

And I demand that our elected governments come to terms with that reality, and make the decisions that ensure it — or else be replaced by voters.

Enough of this climate change nonsense, its lies and its fantasies.

Choices, Choices

Looks as though things are getting interesting:

The attack one week ago on two substations in Moore County, N.C., resulted in the loss of power to 45,000 people and raised questions about the security of America’s power grid.

And when further attacks in North Carolina, South Carolina, Washington, and Oregon were revealed, those questions have now become urgent. Are the attacks — all involving gunfire targeting substations — unrelated pranks, or are they connected to a plot of some kind?

As outlandish as the idea of some kind of coordinated attack on our electrical grid being underway sounds, federal authorities are not dismissing anything or any theory at this point. They can’t afford to. The electric infrastructure our country depends on is critical — especially moving into the winter months when so many homes use electric heat.

Here’s what I find interesting.  If we assume that these attacks are not committed by the Random Asshole Set — teenage boys, for example — and I think it’s safe to they’re they’re not, given the geographic locations of each attack, it behooves us to try to figure out who are behind them.  Here are my thoughts.

Radical Muslims.  Our perennial bugbears, they are, although I think it’s unlikely they’re intent on bringing the electrical grid down;  their preferred target is people, not stuff.  Again, nothing is impossible and they might have changed their modus  to punish The Great Satan by ending video gaming, porn movie gazing and Sunday morning Christian broadcasts, but I think it’s a remote chance, at best.

Leftist / Gummint provocateurs [some overlap].  I would believe this if, say, the FBI were announcing that “right-wing hate groups / White supremacists” are “persons of interest” in their investigations.  But I don’t think even the NY Times  will buy that story.  Most persuasively, there are no RWHG / WS groups capable of organizing such widely-dispersed and well-planned acts of sabotage, simply because actual membership of such groups is scattered over thousands of basements across the U.S.A., and I think too many of these people, feeble as they are, would be willing to risk being set up by Fibbie plants in their ranks.  Those birds ain’t gonna fly again soon.

Eco-terrorists.  Yeah, as a next step to gluing yourselves to roads and paintings, this would be a logical exercise for these nutcases.  The part that makes this so credible is that the Radical Greens have a wide, international membership — so you could bring in a group from Germany, the U.K. and all over Europe, give them the plan and the explosives, have them execute the plan and fly them out of the nearest major international airport while the pieces are still falling out of the sky.  The Carolina attacks, for example, took place not far from Charlotte-Douglas, and the Washington- and Portland ones are close-ish to both Portland PDX and SeaTac airports.  Thus there are no local suspects because there are no local perpetrators.

It’s all early days, of course, and no doubt greater minds than mine are considering the same variables;  just none at the FBI, because they’re too busy trying to fit some chumps in the Christian Urban Brotherhood Society — CUBS — in Biloxi MS into the frame.

My Readers are welcome to add their addled thoughts, wild-ass theories and so on in Comments.

No Clothes, Also No Body

Via Insty, I came across this priceless pearl of wisdom:

Can’t We Just Admit That Modern Art Is Garbage?

Of course we can.  Because, as one wise man on Teh Intarwebz has noted:

…because, as another Internet sage points out:

“Who the hell would notice?” 

And he’s right:

(That painting, by the way, sold for $12 million, proving that…. well, you know the rest.)

It’s not art — and by the way, the revelation that some series of straight lines by Mondrian has been hanging upside-down in some gallery for decades should come as no surprise to anyone except an art “critic”, “connoisseur” or some pretentious art phony (lots of overlap).

Learning From Furriners

It’s not often that I think we can learn much from Them What Ain’t Murkins, but this would definitely be one of those times:

Sweden’s new right-wing government has sparked an outcry after scrapping the Ministry of Environment in a move the opposition has branded “devastating”.

The Enviros are now part of the Swedish Commerce Dept., which is where they belong, if anywhere at all.  And the only thing “devastating” about this decision is the hair-on-fire response.

Creating the Dept. of the Environment was perhaps the worst thing Richard Nixon ever did, and elevating this bunch of wackos to a Cabinet position is in the Top 3 Worst for Jimmy Carter (it’s difficult to rank the awful things Carter did, there being so many, but a top 3 for this one is certainly appropriate).

Well done, Sweden!  Bra jobbat!

Living by Their Own Rules

I see that the German Watermelon Party is doing their usual outrage thing:

Members of Germany’s Green party are furious after the country’s ruling Chancellor, Olaf Scholz, ordered that the country’s remaining nuclear power plants be kept in operation beyond 2022, reversing an earlier plan to have the facilities decommissioned by January 1st 2023.

…this despite the fact that Germany is facing catastrophe without their beloved Russian natgas supply over the winter.

Here’s my thought:  the Germans are famous for their ability to interfere with the lives of its individual citizens — their “rain tax” alone is evidence thereof — so why doesn’t the KrautGov simply turn off all Green politicians’ household electricity from, say, November to April, and give these fuckwits a taste of what their outrage would mean to ordinary citizens, if allowed to direct national power policy?

I know, that’s way too simple a thing to ask, and no doubt the Kraut media storm would be deafening as older Greens start to die of cold (a feature not a bug, but you know what I mean).

I’d suggest mass executions (to save electricity, of course), but the Germans do that kind of thing a little too well, as we all know.

Stoking The Fires

Well, now… here’s one that would have made Josef Goebbels proud.

How do you convince people that this summer is hotter than an earlier one — thus supporting your argument to the masses that the climate is heating up?  They’ve tried dodgy forecasts, which have the annoying tendency not to come true, and all sorts of other little schemes to make you think we’re ALL GONNA DIEEEEEE!

But what of you just manipulate the mood of the reader?

What the hell do you mean, Kim?  This:

Read the rest of it, do.