1. Observe the one crewman covering his ears and being sneered at by his shipmate behind him… Interesting relationship.

  2. Round them all up and deliver them to some nice unpopulated island off the Scottish coast. They can demonstrate just how this utopia without Oil works. We’ll even throw in some 18th century tools to help get them started.

    1. It’d be too cold. We can’t have cruel and unusual punishment. Drop them naked into the deep Amazon where it’s nice and Stone Age warm.

  3. Even more frightening, is that one is a woman.

    Clue:- not the one with the beard.

  4. after the flogging, dunk them into a vat of vinegar, salt and citrus juice or some other delightful concoction. Repeat the flogging on a regular basis. What they did was a crime against everyone for damaging a national treasure. they owe restitution to each person

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