News Roundup

Aaaahhhh… Australians, keeping it classy as always.

In Everybody Panic! News:

...♫ ♪ ♫ won’t be fooled again ♪ ♫  [/Peter Townsend]

...published 96 hours ago.  I report, you decide.

...the line of volunteers starts behind me, and quit that shoving, y’all.

Speaking of vermin:

...fuck me, y’all can’t even stop killing each other on your very own holiday.

In The Great Cultural Assimilation Project©:

...our Nigel may want to look to the rather elegant “Greek Solution”:

...too bad this approach wouldn’t work in the Rio Grande.

...the Strylians were never going to go for the”Greek Solution” — unless of course the Chinese migrants were unvaccinated.

...send him to Greece.  By boat.

...dunno about you, but I’m not shocked at all.  In some Kraut cities, it’s 100%.

In Political News:

...if by “many”, you mean “all”, Tommy:  then yes, yes there is. had me at “Anna Paulina Luna”:

And in the Corporate Bonehead Department:

...which means no more of this:

...or this:

...or even this: stupid, stupid cunts.

And speaking of…

...of course she did.  Just imagine if it were a man who’d done it:  oh, the lamentations.

...of course it was.  I wonder who pays this “expert’s” salary?

And in still more meaningless 


...welcome to a man’s world, sweetheart.

And as we saunter down : of the better examples thereof, I think:

And speaking of lying, that’s the end of the news.


  1. From what I understand, monkeys are kind of cool to see in the wild for about 20 minutes and then you learn that monkeys are utterly nasty vermin like creatures that need to have their population controlled.

    Carpice is easy on the eyes. After the first two photos it’s nice to see that she can open her mouth further than a CPR dummy.

    go get him Anna Luna. Take no prisoners and if Garland and company says that they are surrendering remember they are pathological liars.

    Deadly bird flu and ChiCom Flu tend to come out in election years. hhhhmmmm

    No surprise that third world non shoe wearers can’t and won’t assimilate into Western Civilization. Assimilate or get out and go back to your third world hell hole. we’re full and we wont’ put up with your nonsense anymore

  2. In re: Greek solution, we have the ability, we lack the will. I was more hopeful, but reading the article it said “Up to 9 people” which is hardly an acceptable solution. Its akin to the articles that said 1000 people died on the Hajj, nice but statistically insignificant.

    Caprice is holding up well, but the face blurring is getting too obvious.

    I’ve said it in this space before, Jag’s decision making is being made by 25 yr old fem-boys.

    As for Germany & France, you knew it was a snake before you picked it up. But you were smarter than everyone else.

  3. Oakland’s Juneteenth celebration made Texas’s look like rank amateurs.

    We expect better of you Texakins!

  4. Several thoughts;

    Regarding the Juneteenth shootings, remember what Chris Ricks said; “There’s Black folks, and there’s N*gg*rs and Black folks hate N*gg*rs too.”

    Regarding the rapist from El Salvedore; send him back to El Salvedore by stuffing him in the 16’’ gun on a Battleship (push until he fits) and then adding the usual charge.

    And when Caprice is trying to look like she’s gazing into the distance she just looks dumb, but my God her face lights up when she laughs.

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