Good Question

Reader Preussenotto asks the important question:  “Has Nigel Farage displaced Jeremy Clarkson as the Greatest Living Englishman?”

Now that is a tough one to answer.  Both men love guns and love their pints.

Both men drive Range Rovers, so that’s a tie.  But Farage’s other car is a Volvo (ugh):

…whereas Clarkson has an Alfa Romeo GTV6:

…and that’s just on his farm.

Both shag sexy girlfriends — okay, Jezza’s chick is skinny and Irish, while Our Nige’s squeeze is French and not skinny;  but nobody’s perfect.

…and yes I know:  both men can be said to enjoy slipping into a Ferrari.

But Clarkson did not support Brexit at the time (most likely because his EU farm subsidy money would — and did — disappear), whereas Farage…

And both men have terrible teeth, but then they’re British.

Like I said, it’s a tough call.


  1. Farage is a politician and therefore by default a useless grifter and fraud.
    Clarkson is a farmer and therefore almost by default a good person.
    He also hates bureaucratic nonsense with a vengeance. Which fact alone makes him a good person in my book.

  2. Will be watching another episode of Clarkson’s “Farm” at supper tonight. Every episode features his disgust over another gov’t attack on his liberties. He keeps trying to be successful with his farm.

  3. Nigel is a more quintessential British name, but I tend to think of it’s use more along the line of ” Nigel – Bring the Blue Aston around to the front and we will need you in the Silver Ghost for this evenings events. ” Plus has terrible taste in girlfriends.

    So I’m in agreement with jwenting. Instant disqualification as a Politician.

  4. Clarkson’s farm is a great program bringing the spotlight to the wasteful and oppression of bureaucrats. Has this caused anything to change and improve for farmers in the UK? They got a meeting with the PM but did that achieve anything other than publicity shots?

  5. Clarkson was or is a TV presenter rather than a life long farmer. Caleb would be a farmer in my mind. TV presenters aren’t much different than politicians except that politicians can and usually do make our lives worse

  6. I can’t answer the question, but I do enjoy watching Clarkson’s Farm. His opposition to stupidity and bureaucracy as he tries to run a farm in the UK is very entertaining.

  7. Having been the one who posed the question, I don’t have an answer. I do enjoy listening to both of them.

  8. I do like clarksons farms. The English accents make me pay attention. But they are both English so I don’t really care. We know they are overly pretentious so it is akin to watching a train wreck. Do bring up the ungodly costs to run a medium sized farm these days.

  9. Farage has just come out with the view that the West provoked Putin into invading Ukraine. Completely bloody stupid.

    1. In a way, Farage may be right, but another p word rather than “provoked.” How about “permitted” or made “possible?”
      Upon taking office in Jan 2021, Biden and his hate America staff ordered up a war on fossil fuels when America was poised and capable of being the world’s prime supplier of energy for years, even decades to come. The result was an approximate doubling of fossil fuel costs and the emergence of Russia as the main energy supplier of oil and natural gas for Europe. Would Putin have been able to finance his Ukrainian war in 2022 without this huge cash influx in 2021? It seems to me that in Russian eyes, the Ukraine situation had been a boil to be lanced for more than 20 years before 2021, so how is it Putin didn’t make his move until 2022?

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