Two Old Guys Chewing The Fat

…about revolvers, and what they love to shoot.

What’s so different about this one?  It’s Ken Hackathorn and Bill Wilson.

“Shooting should be fun.”

That episode was Ken’s favorite guns to shoot.  Here’s what Bill likes to shoot.

“Every gun guy should own a Model 19 Combat Magnum.”

And then if you want still more Hackathorn and Wilson, here’s an earlier episode, about 1911s.

“Rarely does the capacity of the gun have anything to do with the outcome… unless you’re a really bad shot.”  (Although it should be said that Bill Wilson himself carries a Wilson SFX-9 with a 10-round mag — and a 15-round backup mag.  And nobody could call Bill Wilson a bad shot.)

I could listen to these two gun guys talk all day.  And in putting this post together, I did.

Dept. Of Righteous Shootings

Reader Dan M. sends me this wondrous tale:

The resident of a home in DeKalb County, Georgia, opened fire on four alleged robbery suspects, killing one and wounding three, around 5 p.m. Friday.

Now even though we’re all cheering Our Hero for his exemplary behavior, I know that some of you are going to turn up your noses at the 25% fatality rate;  but let’s instead congratulate him on the 100% hit rate, and the fact that three of the four choirboys ended up bleeding on his lawn, one to death, and only one was able to hobble away from the scene (as far as a hospital, where he was nabbed anyway).

And we don’t even have to play the “Guess The Race” game on this one, with names like “Jacqueze” and “Taneaious” in the police report.

All in all, an entirely satisfactory outcome.

The Right Stuff

For my long-suffering Brit Readers, who often have to deal with my barbs and jibes:

For my Murkin and Non-Colonial Readers, here’s a brief explanation if this heroic man is unknown to you.  We have no such role model, try as the DemSocs may to create one:

Our guy [sic]  definitely had the more striking outfit, although it’s probably not the best choice to adopt if one is trying to sneak into a government building.

Killer Chick

If you watch this little episode and don’t fall in love with KC, we can’t be friends.  (Here’s her story, if you don’t have the time to watch the video, although the video does her more credit.)

And astonishingly, she went back out the very next day (in a new aircraft, as hers was just scrap at that point).

I’ll bet that there is not a man alive — a real man, that is — who wouldn’t take a bullet for KC.

Job Wanted

Here’s something I’ve never done on this website before, but when you see who and what this is all about, you’ll understand.

The executive summary reads as follows:

Recently laid off due to a company bankruptcy, he is an engineer and business development specialist with over 25 years in startups. He has invented, developed, and innovated in a number of technologies from graphing databases and encryption software to chemical coatings, low temperature gas kinetics, medical devices and software, aerodynamic vehicle systems, industrial visual safety products and more. Looking for something full time but is available for consulting. If you know anyone who needs good advice or help with a technological problem, he is a great place to start.

“He” is known to all Longtime Readers as “Combat Controller”, and he’s looking for a job.

He’s also one of my closest friends, so any help you can throw his way, whether by referral (what business-speak types call “networking”) or an actual job offer, will earn my undying gratitude, and may involve the gift of one of my prized guns should it all work out for everyone concerned.

If you have an idea, or need more info, drop me an email and I’ll put you in touch with him.  Get the call out, folks, and thank you all in advance.

Street Takeovers

Reader Mike L. sends me this heartening news:

Dangerous street takeovers are happening more and more often in Oklahoma City and across the nation, which is why an updated city ordinance is cracking down on large groups of people who illegally block intersections, roads, or parking lots. Street takeovers can include street racing, or can simply involve participants using their vehicles to block intersections while they take over the area with friends.

Not only do illegal takeovers increase crime, they also block medical responders during emergencies.

The updated ordinance includes vehicles being impounded for 90 days, while participants can be jailed for 60 days, as well as face fines of more than $2,000.

My only suggestion is that the towed cars are taken not to impound lots, but straight to scrapyards where the car crushers are waiting.  To paraphrase Samuel Johnson:  nothing concentrates the mind more than an imminent crushing.

And the fine takes away the deposit for a replacement.