Boycott NYFC?

Oooh, I like this idea:

Some Trump-supporting truckers are refusing to transport loads to and from New York City after the former president was fined $355 million and had his ability to run businesses in the state suspended in Friday’s civil fraud verdict.

And what should qualify for Quote Of The Day:

“I’ll tell you what, you fuck around and find out! We’re tired of you motherfucking leftists fucking with Trump,” the trucker said. “Leave Trump alone with the bullshit… you know you ain’t got shit on Trump, so cut the bullshit.”

Works for me and, I suspect, for more than a few million voters.

In the meantime, if I may coin a phrase:  Let New York Sink.

Dept. Of Righteous Shootings

I don’t know why I bother to scan Teh Intarwebz for this kind of thing, because there are always a few Loyal Readers out there who send me glad tidings, such as this one from the Houston area:

Harris County deputies said the man was sleeping in his car because he had just gotten into a fight with his girlfriend.

Authorities said another man who may have had a pistol got into the vehicle and may not have realized the sleeping man was in the truck.

The would-be victim had what the sheriff said was an AR-15 and reportedly shot the man several times. The suspected thief was pronounced dead at the scene. Deputies said the suspect had already stolen from several nearby cars before the shooting.

The shooter reportedly stayed at the scene and was cooperating with law enforcement.

Let us all have a couple minutes’ silence for the dead goblin Our Hero’s eardrums… because nothing says owie like an AR-15 going off in a confined space with no hearing protection — well okay, the boolets (!) are going to make an owie as well at the naughty end, but that’s of no concern to us, and certainly not to the cops, who seem to have the correct attitude towards the whole episode.

“They shouldn’t be out doing it in the first place. I don’t believe that he realized that the reportee was sleeping in this truck before it was too late,” said Sgt. Ben Beall with the sheriff’s office.

One hopes that Our Hero makes a full recovery;  the dead goblin won’t, but once again that’s not a problem for anyone except him.

Dept. Of Righteous Shootings

Alert Reader Hugh S. suggested that I might enjoy this story, and indeed I do.

In north Minneapolis, of all places:

The shooting happened around 3:37 p.m. in an alley near the intersection of Golden Valley Road and Russell Avenue North.  Police Chief Brian O’Hara said two armed suspects flanked a Mercedes SUV stopped in the alley and that both men fired their guns. One of the gunmen was found shot on the ground and was pronounced dead. Police found the second gunman nearby, determined he was a suspect and placed him under arrest.

Go ahead and read it all.  As far as I can tell, the cops are still trying to figure out who shot whom, but none of that is relevant.  There’s another dead goblin off the street, and that’s all we care about.

Close, But No Cigar

Reader Mike L. asks me whether this incident is worthy of being classified as a Righteous Shooting.

It nearly is, Mike, except for this part:

The break-in attempt did not go as planned. The owner, Gordon Richard Sr., 75, used a muzzleloader rifle to shoot one of the three men, causing the other two to flee. He then secured himself inside the home and called the police.

State police say the man who was shot was 39-year-old Paul E. Brown of Milton and St. Albans, he was seriously injured.

When police arrived, the other two intruders had fled. The police report states, “Responding troopers located Brown in a neighbor’s yard. No other individuals were found at the scene. Brown was transported by ambulance to Northwestern Medical Center in St. Albans and later transferred to the University of Vermont Medical Center in Burlington, where he was listed in critical condition Wednesday afternoon.”

You all know the rules:  no dead goblin, no Righteous Shooting.

But Our Hero deserves a huge “Attaboy” from all of us for using a muzzleloader to send the “Leave Me Alone” message to the would-be property redistrubutionist.

Oh, and Mike?  Let me know if the goblin snuffs it, so I can upgrade the award from Armed Good Guy to Righteous Shooter.

The More, The Merrier

Looks like Texas is getting help:

Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis announced on Thursday that he is sending members of the Florida National Guard (FLNG) and Florida State Guard (FSG) to Texas to help Governor Greg Abbott (R) stop the “invasion” of illegal aliens flooding into his state that has unfolded during the Biden administration.

Excellent stuff.  Can they bring a few dozen of your alligators with them?  Guaranteed a good home, and plenty to eat.

Suppose They Ordered A War…

…and nobody showed up?  That’s the old Vietnam-era trope.  Here’s the modern-day equivalent:


Fox News reports that a high ranking CBP official told the network that their relationship with the Guard is “strong”.

“While this issue plays out in the courts, the relationship between Border Patrol, Texas DPS [Department of Public Safety], & TMD [Texas Military Dept.] remains strong,” the official said, adding “Our focus is and will always be the mission of protecting this country and its people.”

“On the ground, we continue to work alongside these valuable partners in that endeavor,” the official continued, adding “Bottom line: Border Patrol has no plans to remove infrastructure (c-wire) placed by Texas along the border.”

“Our posture remains the same. If we need to access an area for emergency response, we will do so. When that happens, we will coordinate with Texas DPS & TMD,” the official further declared.

You see, long after the current Administration has passed into the “Bad News” section of the history books, the Border Patrol will still have to work with the Texas guys.  Let’s just hope they stick to their ummm statements.

So, ask that question again…?