Good Question

Reader Preussenotto asks the important question:  “Has Nigel Farage displaced Jeremy Clarkson as the Greatest Living Englishman?”

Now that is a tough one to answer.  Both men love guns and love their pints.

Both men drive Range Rovers, so that’s a tie.  But Farage’s other car is a Volvo (ugh):

…whereas Clarkson has an Alfa Romeo GTV6:

…and that’s just on his farm.

Both shag sexy girlfriends — okay, Jezza’s chick is skinny and Irish, while Our Nige’s squeeze is French and not skinny;  but nobody’s perfect.

…and yes I know:  both men can be said to enjoy slipping into a Ferrari.

But Clarkson did not support Brexit at the time (most likely because his EU farm subsidy money would — and did — disappear), whereas Farage…

And both men have terrible teeth, but then they’re British.

Like I said, it’s a tough call.

First Report / Second Report

At first, the viral video showed some asshole Manhattan finance type [redundancy alert]  punching a woman unconscious, and the general reaction was anger at the man’s brutality.

Well, Nazzo fast, Guido.  Seems as though there was more to the story than first met the eye:

Millionaire investment banker Jonathan Kaye was threatened, called anti-Semitic slurs, and doused in a mystery liquid, moments before he was filmed punching a woman at a Brooklyn Pride parade, a source with knowledge of the incident told

Insiders close to the 52-year-old banker claim the viral clip did not capture the full clash on Saturday, which began when a group of four female ‘Queers for Palestine’ supporters started allegedly taunting Kaye — who is Jewish — as he returned from dinner.

Kaye is said to have told the group that they were ‘on the wrong side’, prompting the women to gang up on him, the source said.

By the way, it was an excellent punch.

And when they’re acting like thugs (like the punchee was), I for one can’t see the problem with beating the shit out of a Palsymp shitforbrains anyway.  There should be a lot more of it.

“Queers For Palestine”, my aching Gentile ass.  Can you say “Deport these queers to Palestine to see how they’re received”, children?

Dept. Of Righteous Shootings

From Houston comes this fine story:

Police said the driver went to the address to deliver a pizza and was confronted by two men demanding money at gunpoint. According to HPD, he pulled out his own gun and shot, killing one of the men. The second man reportedly ran away.

Here’s a good part:

The driver then waited for police officers to respond to the scene.

Always be sure to get your story in to the fuzz first, before the surviving scumbag can start raving about “being attacked while we wuz jus’ walkin’ around” or similar bullshit.

Of course, the driver’s going to get fired because “corporate policy” (more bullshit — I’d give him a bonus), but at least he’s still alive.

Unlike one of the choirboys (“Guess The Race”), who was probably “just about to turn his life around and was even enrolled at Malcolm X trade school”  or some similar nonsense (even more bullshit).

Quote Of The Day

I quote Insty a lot, I know, but at the end of it all, Glenn Reynolds is a very smart and wise man.  Frankly (and I know he’s not interested, more’s the pity), our country needs him, and more like him, to be in a position of power rather than being a respected law professor at some university*.

Here’s what caught my eye recently:

“There was a time when I doubted the morality of Hiroshima, Tokyo, and Dresden. Watching the world today, I’m glad that our forebears had the courage and moral clarity that too many parts of our contemporary society lack.”

Asking for “moral clarity” in our current amoral power elite is far too big an expectation.

*I know, I know — to Glenn, UTenn isn’t just “some university”, but in relation to his stature, intellect and character, I’m afraid that to the rest of us, and to me in particular, it is.

Wave That Flag

If this story doesn’t put a grin on your face, we can’t be friends.

Seems like this high-school kid named Cameron Blasek flew a U.S. flag from a pole attached to his truck… whereupon some asshole official from his school told him to take it down.

And he refused.  And then a dozen of his buddies also started flying Old Glory from their trucks.

Smiling yet?

Well, the fucking Commie school officials backed down, but not before this happened:

A graphic design company in Cincinnati reached out to Blasek after the viral story and offered to do the kid a favor and wrap his truck for free. And the design…

That’s it, boys:  rub their fucking Commie noses in it.

Here’s the whole story.