Seems like even the lawyers are getting sick of it:

Even though he’s a lawyer, I’m on his side.

In my own case, when once threatened with punishment for contempt of court back in Seffrica, I snarled: “Contempt doesn’t even begin to cover what I feel for this court.”  The judge looked somewhat startled and my lawyer put his head in his hands;  whereupon the judge started laughing and let me off with a R50* fine — which my lawyer paid because I refused to.

Fuck all of them, black-robed assholes.

*Back then, fifty rands was almost half a month’s rent for my downtown apartment.

One Totem, One Statue

When you’ve lost the Canucks

A native totem pole was set on fire on Canada’s Vancouver Island in what is suspected to be retaliation for the destruction of a statue of Captain James Cook.
The Salish Bear Pole was seen smouldering at the summit of the Malahat Highway hours after a mob ripped down a statue of the British explorer in the provincial capital of Victoria, took off its head, and “drowned” it in the Inner Harbour.

My favorite part:

“Fresh graffiti was also located at the scene, speaking to recent events in Victoria where a statue of James Cook was pulled down and thrown in the Victoria Harbour, based on what was written, we feel the two incidences are related,” the policeman said.

Ya think?  And in the very next sentence:

The words ‘ONE TOTEM – ONE STATUE’ had been scrawled in front of the burning totem in black spray-paint.

Ordinarily, I’d be loath to copy anything the Canuckis do, but I have to tell y’all…

Oh, and of course, CanuckiPres Manboy was quick to toss some gas onto the flames:

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has called the church attacks “unacceptable” but added that he “understand[s] the anger that’s out there against the federal government, against institutions like the Catholic church; it is real and it is fully understandable given the shameful history that we are all becoming more and more aware of”.

Maybe our Proud Red Ensigners should burn this asshole instead of a totem.  Just sayin’.

Real Enthusiasm

So why would anyone believe or have any time for a movie stuntman (!) talking about his favorite tanks?

About one-and-a-half minutes in, you’ll see exactly why.

Money quote:  “If you can’t afford a Spitfire, [an Achilles tank] is the next best thing.”

Absolutely brilliant.

Then there’s this caustic take on horrible British tanks by a man after my own heart.

Money Quote:  “It’s not really bullet-proof.  Except from a revolver.  For a while.  From a distance.”

I have never before subscribed to any EwwwChoob channel, but I think I’ll do so for The Tank Channel.

Quote Of The Day

From the late (and very-much missed) Col. Jeff Cooper:

“If you are reading this and can’t put your hand on your defensive firearm, all of your training is wasted.”

The only time that’s not true for me is when I’m in the shower, and even then it’s only a step or two outside the bathroom.  (I know, I know… but I’m not going to go there.)


Amazing Doesn’t Even Cover It

i know I said there would be no math, but you have to look at these.  Sue Radford:

  • is 46 years old
  • has been married for 28 years (to the same man)
  • has 22 (twenty-two) kids
  • looks like this:

Now to be honest, she hasn’t looked like this for (probably) 27 years — because she’s been pretty much pregnant most of that time (maybe with a couple months off for good behavior, here and there).  Here’s the family’s chronological listing:

Chris 32, Sophie 27, Chloe 25, Jack 24, Daniel 22, Luke 20, Millie 19, Katie 18, James 17, Ellie 16, Aimee 15, Josh 13, Max 12, Tillie 11, Oscar 9, Casper 8, Hallie 6, Phoebe 4, Archie 3, Bonnie 2, and Heidie, 1.

And apparently they have taken not one penny of government support, ever.  As the title of this post suggests…

Read all about it.

Afterthought:  I know what you’re thinking.  Don’t go there.  If her hubby is satisfied, then that’s all we need to know.