Mourning The Queen

It bothers me that raddled old Commies like Nancy Pelosi and Dianne Feinstein can live to a ripe [sic]  old age, but wonderful women like Sabine Schmitz get snatched away from us far too early.

“Sabine who?”  you ask.

There was no one like Sabine Schmitz, the Queen of the Nurburgring, and I’m not sure there’ll ever be anyone quite like her.

Whenever she was due to appear on the old Top Gear show, I made sure never to miss it, because she was the real deal:  taunting, teasing, mocking, shouting, screaming and in general, making utter fools of all the Top Gear hosts — especially Clarkson — and then backing it up with matchless displays of driving skill around one of the world’s deadliest racing circuits.

Here’s a tribute to Sabine from, well, everyone who ever knew her professionally.  And here’s Part 1 and Part 2 of her audacious challenge:  that she could drive around the Ring faster in a Ford Transit van than Jeremy Clarkson had done in a Jaguar.

I loved loved LOVED Sabine Schmitz, and I am going to miss her terribly.

Quote Of The Day

From Re. Jim Jordan (R-OH):

“Isn’t it strange how Democrats want to defund the police in your neighborhood, but are totally fine with hiring more police at the U.S. Capitol to protect politicians?”

I have to admit that there was once a time when I enjoyed pulling the Left’s chain with stuff like this.

Now I just want to toss the miserable bastards out of helicopters.

Quote Of The Day

“H‑E‑B has done more for Texas than our own government leadership for the past year.
I literally trust a southern grocery store chain more than the people whose job is to be there for us when we need them.” — Miles Luna #BLM (@TheMilesLuna) February 18, 2021

Not going to argue with that.  Our Central Market (owned by H-E-B) was Johnny-on-the-spot when the SHTF two weeks back.

Reader Mike S says that Floridians feel the same about Publix.  Anyone else on their local chains?

Dept. Of Righteous Shootings

I’m exercising my editorial prerogative on this one to include “clubbing” with “shooting”, as Our Hero used a shotgun to send a choirboy to his justified end:

An 82-year-old Vietnam War veteran beat an armed home invader to death with the butt end of a shotgun to protect his 79-year-old wife after the invader attacked her in their home in South Carolina on Monday.

…and we’re talking ten (10!) butt-strokes.

of course, we get the prerequisite “you shouldn’t do that” warning from the fuzz:

Captain Eric Abdullah, a spokesman for the Aiken County Sheriff’s Office, advised all residents to immediately contact law enforcement if they believe their home is being broken into.  “Of course, folks have the right to defend themselves if their lives are in danger, but the best thing to do is to call for help.”

Call for help in carting the scumbag’s corpus delicti  away, would be my advice.

If this story doesn’t put a smile on your face and bring out an “Attaboy!”, I don’t want to talk to you.


As Longtime Readers know, I am not a fan [understatement alert]  of the “music” of the Rolling Stones, whom I consider to be the world’s greatest garage band.

However, you may recall that when talking about three-piece rock bands a while back, I made passing mention of said garage band’s Bill Wyman, who is not a garage band’s bassist.

The night before last, I watched The Quiet One  on Hulu — it being a retrospective of Wyman — and it is so good, I watched it again last night.

Thankfully, it’s not about the Rolling Stones, nor their music:  it’s about Bill Wyman the person, and his music.   And if you want to know my philosophy of bass playing, it’s identical to his.

Run, don’t walk to watch it, because it may be the best video biography of all time — and that mostly because all the material comes from his own personal archives, never before seen. My only quibble is that it should have run twice as long.

You can thank me later.