Random Totty

Apparently there exists one of those Internet-famous things named Naomi Brockwell, of whom I know nothing because I don’t even dip my toes into those waters, let alone swim in them.  Still, having discovered her, I think she’s worth a look, for obvious reasons:

Apparently, she made John Stossel look like an idiot when she discovered that his smartphone was basically a conduit for scam artists or something.  And now you know as much about her as I do.

Quite toothsome, however.

News Roundup

And speaking of anxiety, here’s THE LATEST THING TO WORRY ABOUT!!!!

...all the above on a single page at the Daily Mail.

...stupid fools.  We Murkins have been living on UPFs for decades, and we’re doing fine.

Go peddle your Chicken Little bullshit somewhere else.  We’ve got some Oreos and Twinkies to eat.

From the Dept. of Education:

...when even the Third World thinks it’s all a pile of shit...

From the Police Files:

...just to be pedantic for a moment:  15-year-olds who gang-rape are not “boys” and shouldn’t be tried — or sentenced — as such.

And let’s talk about another hardened criminal:

...only in Yurp could this be a big deal.  72 guns, although quite an impressive number, is hardly anything to write home about, and as for 3,000 rounds… that’s about what Doc Russia, Combat Controller and I take to the range for a day’s shooting.  Oh, and Alain Delon is nearly 90 and senile.  What are they going to do:  put him in jail for (ahem) life?

Oh, just for fun, some more Global Warming Climate Cooling Change©:

...of course they would.  Self-sufficiency is subversive, didn’t you know?

In Glueball Jewhate News:

...another blow struck for the Eternal Califate.  Now let’s turn him into a martyr for Allah, the sooner the better.

Again, from the Great Cultural Assimilation Project:

...and the Chamber of Commerce gets a collective woody at the thought of all that cheap labor.

...actually, it is.  At some point, they’re going to be casting illegal votes (crime), killing and/or raping women and children (crime) and committing acts of terrorism (crime).  So what IS the fucking issue, then?

...not quite as tough as the Texas law, but it’s a start.  Let’s see if it clears their Senate and Governor’s desk, though.  Then again, there’s you-know-who:

...given the cost of housing on the Left Coast, they won;t be able to make the payments anyway.

And we’re off to the races:

...let’s put on a play about, say, the Franco-Prussian war, and make admission Whites-only.  See what happens.

And speaking of res 


...[rising to a point of order] actually, Monica looks sensational in black anything.  Still, let me not influence any opinions here — judge for yourselves:

And on that disturbing note we come, so to speak, to the end of the news.

Shootin’ Time

Try this little bit of fuckery on for size:

“I came out at the end of a funeral service. I saw the traffic warden there, and he got his little pad out to start ticketing us, and I said ‘you’ve got to be joking’. I said ‘we’re only going to be 10-15 minutes more, can you just go for a walk round the block?’ He said ‘no’. I said, ‘have a bit of compassion, this is a funeral.’ And he started remonstrating with me.”

And then when someone, overcome with grief, snaps and starts killing these pathetic little officials, it’s the gun’s fault.



Proving that any corporation can become unhinged for no good reason, we have this bit of news:

Jaguar will scale back new car production to just SUV models in 2024 as the British brand ramps-up its preparations to become an electric-only luxury car maker from next year.

So what the hell.  From making cars (not SUVs) that once were the envy of other manufacturers, Jaguar will become just another factory for boring SUVs, and no-demand electric ones at that.

I will say no more, but just show what kind of thing we were treated to, back when Jag had balls and a brain.

…and that’s just some of them.

Bah.  I hope their factory catches fire from one of their silly batteries and burns to the ground, along with whichever marketing / financial “genius” signed off on this latest move.

Cretins.  They don’t deserve their storied heritage.

Small Wonder

The last time I was in an office supply retail store (Staples, Office Depot etc.) was shortly before I took down my consultant’s shingle and beat a client to death with it.

A frequent customer of such establishments, therefore, I am not.

So when New Wife asked me to swing by one and buy a half-dozen plastic clipboards while she was doing the laundry, I obliged with pleasure.  Here’s the item under discussion:

I know, we could just have bought the things from Satan’s Warehouse Amazon, but they were needed urgently, i.e. the next day, so we would have to buy at full retail.  But the price stuck in my mind, because that meant that the clipboards would price out at just over a couple of bucks each.

So I went over to Staples, who had the product not at all, nay even unto other colors.  “Maybe next week?” was the helpful response from the stock clerk of whom I made the request.

No big deal:  this is America, land of choices sufficient to make you puke.  So pausing only to knee the surly peasant in the groin, I went over to Office Depot, literally across the road.

Okay, they didn’t have any blue ones in stock (school uniform color, in case you’re interested).  But they did have clear ones which, when I checked with Herself, were judged “satisfactory” albeit grudgingly.

But no price in the shelf, so I grabbed a passing flunky by the ear and told him to scan the UPC code with his little scanner thingy, which he did after only a little moaning.

Then he told me the price of the piece of plastic with tin clip up top:

Thirteen (13) U.S. dollars… EACH

…and then it was my turn to do the moaning.

Fucking hell.  If a piece of mass-produced-made-in-China shit can cost in-store what can be purchased online at one-sixth of the price, something is wrong somewhere.  It could be the office supply store’s pricing policy, it could be the cost of shipping, it could be that the price was entered into the store’s price file at 10x the intended (that added decimal place matters, you know), it could be any number of things.

Anyway, New Wife was as appalled as I was, the teachers will just have to settle for something other than a blue plastic clipboard, and I’m sure that Office Depot’s fire insurance policy can replace the store… or not, I don’t care.

Because it will be another decade before I bother to set foot inside one of them again.

More And More

From the NSSF:

In 2021, according to the findings, more than half of the 21,037,810 total firearms made available for the U.S. market were either pistols or revolvers. In all, 12,799,067 were handguns, 4,832,198 were rifles and 3,406,545 were shotguns. The figure includes firearms domestically produced plus those imported (minus exported firearms).

We should be doing better, of course, but that’s a topic for another time.

Some more good shooty news:

28,144,000 modern sporting rifles (MSRs) have been put into circulation since 1990. [that they know about — K.]

Loyal Readers will recall that I don’t have too much time for that “modern sporting rifle” euphemism but hey, as long as more of ’em are getting into citizens’ hands, you can call them butternut squashes as far as I’m concerned.

Hubba hubba.  Of course, neither of the above are mine, no sir not me.  I’m old-fashioned, as any fule kno.

Just like our Founding Fathers used…