The Sweetness Of Doing Nothing

…or Il Dolce Far Niente, as the Italians would have it — and why not? it’s about as Italian an attitude as one can get, where there’s an alternative to being busy.

I consider myself something of an expert on the activity, because for example nothing spells “vacation” better than lying on one’s back, emptying the mind of, well, everything and just looking at the sky.  I can and have done that many times in my life, and only some vestigial Protestant work-ethic guilt keeps me at all busy.

But that’s not what I want to talk about today.

Instead, I want to point you to English artist John William Godward, who exemplifies to me the late-Victorian art movement that bypassed the strict Puritanism of the era, simply by virtue of the fact that one could show the naked or semi-naked female form without censure, provided that it was couched, so to speak, in some kind of Classical allegory.  (“Venus In The Mirror”, for example, has been used as an artistic fig leaf for centuries.)

Well, Godward’s family didn’t much care for this attitude, and when he went to live in Italy with one of his models, they pretty much erased all memory of him out of their lives (literally;  they cut him out of all family photographs;  and as such, there are apparently no photos of him in existence).  Anyway, they wanted him gone out of their lives, and he granted their wish by committing suicide at age 61.

Godward is famous for his painting entitled Il Dolce Far Niente, and in fact used it as a theme for a great many of his later works.  Here’s the first:

And a few other examples in the same vein:

I love that he captures the feeling of dreamy indolence of a summer’s day in Italy — note the classical clothing and setting of each — along with a subtle underplay of eroticism.  (In turn-of-the-century Britain, by the way, there would have been nothing at all “subtle” about it, hence the scandal.)

Of course, he didn’t stop there.  Still in that disguise of Classicism, here are a couple more daring visions:

And of course, there were those works which threw away all pretense at Classicism (and clothing too):

To modern eyes, Godward’s style might seem stilted and unrealistic, perhaps.  But at the time he painted them, that’s about as “modern” as they got.

I like just about every work he ever created.

Millions And Millions

There’s been a lot of harrumphing about Elon Musk setting up a “Super PAC” (political action committee) to channel tons of moolah into the Trump reelection campaign (here’s one take).

Of course, the Communists aren’t going to take this lying down, oh no.  Expect to see a lot of “Musk is evil” opinions emanating from the Left, and “a few people influencing and endangering our democraceh” wailing.  (Standard Left procedure:  if you can’t overcome the ideas, demonize the characters.)

Of course, when the Left does the PAC thing, it’s all well and good.  Zuckerberg spending millions to enable (possible fraudulent) voting drives?  No biggie.  Soros funding campaigns of other Commies in key state positions?  Why not?

But let a few conservative rich guys do the same for their candidate?  Oh no, that has to be stopped.

Fuck ’em, and the hypocritical horse they rode in on.

Yeah, Whatever

It appears that the brand-new Brit Foreign Secretary doesn’t have too high an opinion of our next President:

Britain’s newly installed top diplomat [David Lammy] has refused to back down from his past comments branding Donald Trump as a “neo-Nazi-sympathising sociopath”.

Considering that he’s part of the Labour (a.k.a. Socialist) Party, that’s unsurprising.

What will be surprising (to him) is how Trump responds to this kind of non-diplomatic speech.

Because Trump is an Anglophile, he’s unlikely to expel the Brit Ambassador and freeze out the Labour Government — which is what I would do in similar circumstances — and to be frank, he’s heard worse from our own local Socialists.

Anyway, the real power in Britishland is not in the Labour government, but amongst the financiers in the City.

Kinda like the bond traders in Manhattan, really.

But understanding reality has never been a strong suit on the Left.  Just wait and see, for example, what happens when they re-nationalize Britain’s railways.
(Can you spell “C-A-T-A-S-T-R-O-P-H-I-C  F-A-I-L-U-R-E”, children?)

And the Izzies, of course, know exactly what side their bread is buttered on:

“Israelis and the prime minister remember very, very well the incredible support which President Trump, while he was in office, gave to this country,” said Israeli government spokesman David Mencer.

After the foreign policy failures of FJBiden’s administration, I suspect that more than a few countries feel the same way as Israel, and not like Britain.

News Roundup

And into the news we dive: I the only one feeling a little conflicted about this operation?  I want FJB to go up against Trump.

...wait:  the Teamsters support Trump now?

...considering that every single thing this crooked asshole says is a lie (including “the”, “and” and “not guilty”), I’ll believe it when I see it.

In Furrin News: shit.

...another “Great Leap Forward” into economic ruin, one hopes., lead bullets on the other hand... And still in La Belle France:’s not like the Muzzies are going to win any Olympic medals, unless “suicide vest detonation” is now an Olympic sport (wouldn’t surprise me).

From the Department of Education:

...I’ve never agreed with bringing Sex Ed into primary schools, myself.

And in the Everybody Panic!!!! Department:

...whatever happened to the Asian Murder Hornet Invasion?  Asking for a friend.  Also:

...Steve Irwin was unavailable for comment.

…keyword:  China.

From the Dept. of Self-Love:

...didn’t work for me when my nose blocked up recently, though.  Maybe I was just using the wrong nipple clamps.

And now, in 


...I should point out that the houri in question has had a boob job recently — so why not?

And that’s the ass-end of the news.