Another Stupid Survey

You can go ahead and read the silly thing, which as always is crammed full of utter nonsense… but this is more honest:

Kim’s 10 Best Reasons For Having Sex

  1. money
  2. fulfilling a longtime fantasy
  3. the kids are at Nana’s house
  4. you have a sneaking suspicion that you might be making a mistake
  5. you’re out of town on business
  6. you mistakenly popped a Viagra instead of your vitamin tablet
  7. the game’s been called off because of rain
  8. you’re both drunk and she’s keen
  9. the hotel’s Housekeeping will have to clean up the mess
  10. family reunions don’t happen every day, you know.

…and by the way, it’s even better if you can combine any of the above into one really good reason.

Feel free to add your suggestions in Comments…