Vote Of Confidence

…or not.  No sooner have the Commies won the UK election when we see articles like this one appearing:

Escape from Keir’s Britain with the experts’ definitive emigration guide: The best places for sunshine, big houses, high wages, no crime and top-notch healthcare – plus the hotspot with NO income tax

Of course, the smart money has already made that plan and the moolah has long ago flown over the white cliffs of Dover.  But on to the list.  Some of the countries are a lot more difficult to gain entry to, especially for permanent residence so getting there requires a lot of wishful thinking.  I’m also assuming that the target market folks are either well-off retirees or else have remote-friendly work-from-home jobs where location is irrelevant.

European countries:  Spain (a favorite already), Portugal (close second), France and Italy.  Never been to Spain, don’t care much for Italy (except in the north, which is spendy) but I could certainly do southern France.  Which is Mediterranean, as are Greece and Cyprus.  I would have a serious problem with either, because I have a problem with non-Western European alphabets, and unlike many others, I would never insist that the host people have to learn my language.  My problem, not theirs.  (I should point out that this is not the typical attitude of most Brit expats.)

Sweden:  what?  I mean, winters, dude.  Not to mention taxes (from the article:  “Income tax varies depending on the local authority, ranging from 29-35 per cent. Earners above a certain income pay an additional 20 per cent.”

Canada:  see Scandi countries above.  And speaking of socialist countries…

Oz/New Zealand:  no language barrier (more or less), but fleeing Starmer’s nascent socialist regime for the established (and venal) ones in the Antipodes doesn’t seem like a decent exchange.  (Hello, Covid lockdowns.)

South Africa:  someone has a sense of humor.  Except that South Africa is way beyond a joke. There’s a reason that Zimbabwe, Malawi and other African paradises aren’t on the list, and putting Seffrica on the list is simply a stupid nod to what the country used to be, and not what it is.  A really smart guy once said to me, many years ago, “If I went to my CEO and suggested investing in South Africa, he’d fire me.”

Texas and Florida:  leaving aside the almost impossible-to-crack legal difficulties of establishing U.S. residence, I am amused that only two states made the “cut”.  (No Tennessee?)  Whatever, I think the author has woefully underestimated the cost of living in both states.  Then again, of aaaaaaallllll the countries on the list, once you’ve established residence in either TX or FL, you can buy a gun and protect you and yours without any problems at all.  Which has to count for something.

So much for the Mail’s list.

Conspicuous by their absence from the list are some other countries.

Of course, one would think that Switzerland and Monaco would be obvious options, but they aren’t:  cost of entry, cost of living, and some really high barriers to residence take them right out of the running. Basically, the guys who could afford to move there already have.

When it comes to bang for the buck, so to speak, the Caribbean or Central American countries like Domenica, Belize and the Virgin Islands stand out way ahead of, for example, Sweden.  I’m amazed they weren’t on the list.

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  1. Caribbean countries are too hot for Brits. The sun shines brightly. The rainy season can also be a bit vicious.

  2. Whatever you do, DON’T tell ’em about Wyoming.

    It’s a barren wasteland in flyover country, but where there are people they’re all hate-filled rednecks looking to dry-gulch anybody who’s not wearing pointy boots, a cowboy hat, and a six-shooter. They’d string you up, but there aren’t any trees around, just sagebrush. The weather is terrible; too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. The land is desert and you can’t grow anything anywhere, except for the rattlesnakes and brown recluse spiders.

    There aren’t any welfare services because there’s no income tax with which to fund them (oops, better not mention that). Here in Tiny Town™ if you car breaks down you’re either taking your horse or a bicycle to get into town ’cause there ain’t no buses…or light-rail, or genuine, bona fide monorail. I suppose you could call up George for his taxi, but he’s usually busy hauling idiot tourists back into town after they’ve ignored both their gas gauge and map. Map? What’s this “map” of which you speak?

    Hospital? Nah, there’s no medical care or specialists here. You got a problem, you go to the barber who can also pull teeth and set a busted leg.

    So keep them thar Your-Oh-Peons away from here, since we also kind of frown on carrying a Euro-pellet delivery system…if your hand-gun don’t have a caliber that starts with “4” and ends with either “4” or “5” all those grizzly bears that roam the streets here will just eat you for a snack.

    P.S.: I’ve actually heard all of these at one time or another from tourists, sometimes as statements, but usually as questions. It’s fun.

  3. My sister in law looked into Belize. I thought gun ownership in most Central and South American countries was near impossible unless you do it illegally.

    Was it Brazil or Argentina who elected that free market freedom loving dude who took a flame thrower to the bureaucracy? In a few years that might be a worthy refuge.

  4. Argentina has maybe turned the corner on its past and would be nice.
    I thought Belize since it was British and they do speak English.
    Jersey, the island not the liberal shithole state, is nice.
    I think we may need a mercenary force to take a nice island somewhere and install a wealth friendly, no tax, pro individual gov’t but the Falklands belong to Britain and we see how they feel about losing those and they are God Forsaken.

  5. Regards Texas and Florida….I do believe that about 16 or 20 million people have simply walked across the borders and now you have given them ideas !!!

    1. Texas definitely has the space, but they have demonstrated a particular dislike for outsiders that intend to take over – a wise reaction honed over a couple centuries.

  6. While I understand that most people especially older ones my prefer to avoid a fight, there is really no where left to run. Also I suspect most who leave are like the ones here who flee only to carry the plague with them.

  7. Far be it from me as a True Brit to desert the old country – however, I offer up The Isle of Man.

    Self governing yet linked to the UK for welfare. Small island with annual TT races for interest. The Oirish Sea is vicious enough in winter to put off foreign interlopers of a darker hue and it’s all pleasant enough in spring and summer to enjoy the country, medieval castles and mountains, low taxes and apparently residency involves spitting three times or some such easiness.

    The ferry across is, of course, diabolical……

  8. Chile.

    There is a very large American expat community there, Brits would be welcomed unless they decide to look down their noses at the Americans there, and act all snobbish.

    And for God’s sake, why can’t Brit expats fix their damn teeth…?

  9. I have friends that built a house in Belize. What they wanted to keep they packed in a shipping container and shipped it to Belize. They sold her car but kept the fifth wheel travel trailer and his 3/4 ton truck to haul it. They spend May through September traveling in the states. October through May they are in Belize. The rental of their old home covers all stateside insurance, storage of truck/camper, and all expenses while in Belize so they can bank their retirement pensions. When stateside they need the pensions to keep their lifestyle up as they explore the US. They are doing this on retired enlisted military pensions.

  10. Why not Eastern Europe? Since they were under Soviet misrule, they’re kind of inoculated against Communists. Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania?

  11. Southern France? Siriusly? Punitive taxes with more coming; awash with Muslims with more coming…

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