When Reason And Experience Take Over

I actually liked this article by Naomi Wolf:

“The last thing keeping us free in America, as the lights go off all over Europe- and Australia, and Canada – is, yes, we must face this fact, the Second Amendment.”

And if that’s how it starts, can it get any better?

It does.

I remember back when Connie and I first moved in together, I used to refer to her as my Liberal Rubbish Girlfriend (LRG) because she was pro-abortion, hated guns — I mean, she was from California, what did you expect?

Her first epiphany was about guns.  I used to keep the old Charter Arms Bulldog  next to the bed because .44 Special revolver.  She hated that.

Then I had to go out of town for a couple days and she was alone in the house with two small kids, when one night she heard a noise downstairs.

It turned out to be nothing — maybe a raccoon trying to get inside, perhaps — but after I got back, she made me teach her how to shoot.  All the time she was huddled up under the blankets, frozen with terror, she couldn’t help thinking:  “I am so stupid.  There’s a gun not three feet away from me, and I don’t know how to use it to protect myself and the kids.”

A couple of years later, with a little coaching from me, she’d turned into the conservative firebrand we all knew and loved.  And she loved shooting.

If Naomi didn’t live in a gun-hating state like California, I bet she’d be the same.

News Roundup

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And on a related topic:

no problem, Toots.  Ummm… who are you, again?

why are we surprised by this?

why does anyone even use this stupid card anymore? 

key word, of course, being “Seattle”.


thus coming down from “stratospheric”  to just “major ripoff.”

so, how are those shuttered nuke plants working for you?

yes they are;  we all hate you, and we’re united in our desire to vote all of you scumbags out of office ASAP.

except that unfortunately, none of them will actually move.  For those who do, however… buh-bye.

speaking of “louche”, aren’t you the dude who was caught wanking during a company Zoom call?

meh, as long as she didn’t make it a class project

only ONE million?  Color me shocked.

And in no-link INSIGNIFICA:


Finally, this snippet:

I should point out that the former Miss England has had something like five kids, so it’s not surprising that a little nip ‘n tuck was called for.  Aaaaanyway, here’s the (covered) body part in question:


I know she’s not that attractive now, but in her glory (pre-five-kids) days:

If you want to see her actual thingy, you’ll have to look for her “leaked” sex tape.  I ain’t gonna go there.

And on that note, we’ve come [sic]  to the end of the news.

Dept. Of Righteous Beatings

Oh yeah, baby.  When seconds count and the police are minutes away, you gotta get busy:

A 54-year-old Philadelphia man allegedly stole a car outside of a pizzeria with three small children inside. Shocked bystanders caught the alleged thief and potential kidnapper, and that’s when the crowd delivered “street justice.”

Police told The Philadelphia Inquirer that Hood stole the Hyundai, prompting the couple to take off running behind it. Crowded roads allowed mom and dad to chase down the car and yank Hood from the driver’s seat. Officers said a “large crowd” stopped the man and then beat him after he physically assaulted the father. “We’re being told that other males in the area helped the boyfriend with this physical altercation and a physical struggle ensued.
Hood managed to break free from the father and fled across 29th Street. It was at this time that a crowd of individuals stopped Mr. Hood and forced him to the ground,” Philadelphia Police Homicide Captain Jason Smith said. “The crowd kicked and punched Mr. Hood until the arrival of responding police. At some point Mr. Hood became unresponsive.
Emergency responders were called to the scene where Hood had been beaten. “They left Hood unconscious and suffering from injuries that later proved to be fatal. Paramedics rushed him to Temple University Hospital, but it was too late to save his life,” KKTV reported.

And of course:

It was later found that Eric Hood had many run-ins with law enforcement. “Hood had a lengthy arrest record with 24 arrests.”


Speed Bump

I saw an article about how expensive car rental has become in Yurp, but in fact it seems to have become more expensive in Britishland.

A cursory look showed me that a 7-day rental in Vienna would run about $450 (base cost before add-ons), whereas at Heathrow the same car would cost $800.  Seriously?

Unlike a lot of people, I have no problem with driving in Europe or the U.K., so a rental car is always preferable to waiting for trains or buses.  (Not in the cities, of course, but around the country to small towns and villages.)  Even Britain’s perennial parking problems don’t really worry me, and I really prefer the freedom of the open road.

When I stayed at Free Market Towers back in 2017, I rented a car which, if memory serves, cost me about $320 per week, fully loaded (insurance etc.) and I fondly imagined that the next time I get Over There, I’d be able to afford the same.

Fat chance, at those prices.

And train travel has become prohibitive too, not just in Britishland but also in Yurp;  but I’m not interested in just staying in cities (ironically, other than maybe Vienna).

So here I sit:  proper fucked, as the Brits say.

Predictable Outcome

It’s amazing how often the word “unexpectedly” appears in the public discourse when it comes to government policy, e.g. “we provided free housing for poor people, but we still have a homeless problem”.

So this probably comes as unexpected news to those of the socialist persuasion, but to the rest of us, it’s as predictable as the dawn:

The prime minister of Sri Lanka, Ranil Wickremesinghe, declared in remarks to the nation’s parliament on Wednesday that its economy had “completely collapsed.”

The socialist country is facing the worst economic crisis in its modern history, prompting acute shortages of food, medicine, gasoline, natural gas, and other core goods since March. Lavish spending under the Rajapaksa dynasty’s rule coupled with socialist mismanagement of the economy, a “green” policy that banned chemical fertilizers and made the country reliant on food imports, and trade deals in which Sri Lanka took out predatory loans from China all contributed to the nation’s rapid decline.

Almost sounds like 2022 Murka, dunnit?  But most importantly:  is Sri Lanka running short of Tampax?

Honestly though, when you have no natural resources, and your primary exports are tea and Sri Lankans, you probably need to be a little more careful in how you run things.

Of course, Sri Lanka is no longer “Ceylon” (part of the terrible British Empire), so there’s that.