Dept. Of Righteous Shootings

Seems as though this punk kid decides that he wants to do something about overpopulation, i.e. shooting everyone he could in an apartment complex.  He manages to kill an old lady (no doubt getting a nod of approval from NYGov “Granny-Killer” Cuomo), but at that point, an Olde Pharte decides that enough is enough, and shoots the little bastard dead with his… hunting rifle.

[pause to let the cheers, applause hooting, hollering and catcalls die down]

This being Arkansas, I doubt whether anything more need be said about this.

Read all about it here.

My old buddy, the late (and sorely-missed) Airboss used to keep next to his front door not a shotgun, but a bolt-action .308 because, as he explained, “I can take care of myself;  it’s my neighbors who might need protection.”

Quod erat demonstratum.


Well, There’s That

Email from National Treasure Joe Huffman, concerning The Great Gun Robbery:

That really sucks.
I have moved your entry to next year. Same position, etc.
The event will probably be April 29th -> May 1st.

Joe Huffman
Boomershoot Event Director

For me, Boomershoot is becoming like the Jews’ mantra:  “Next year in Jerusalem Orofino.”


The above word being used in its most positive sense, that is, when describing a British Army officer who fought the whole of World War II with a broadsword and longbow as his personal weapons (!!!).  (Also a set of bagpipes, but let’s not go there.  He wasn’t even Scottish.)

Here’s “Mad Jack” Churchill’s story (watch the video first), and his boring Wikipedia entry.   “War hero” doesn’t even begin to describe a man who was decorated four times for bravery under fire.  He should have got the V.C. and probably would have, except that the world ran out of wars for him to fight.

Read and watch it all.