Still More Doubles

My old post on Doubles should serve as background to this post, so go back in the mists of time to read it.

Here we have a couple new entrants to this crowded field, Maya Jama and Maya Henry.

Maya Jama:

Maya Henry:


I know, they look nothing alike.  But when one sees, for example, a headline shouting “MAYA SHOWS HER BOOBS!”, you will understand my confusion as to which superstructure I’ll be seeing when I click on the link.

It’s a tough life of confusion I live, to be sure.


  1. aaahhhh, KDT’s website, morning coffee, it’s going to be a good day!

    You’re right about doubles. I agree with you about memory. I don’t make any effort to remember these completely replaceable Hollyweird tarts apart.


  2. You have to use a memory aid.

    “I want to Jama my face between Maya’s doubles.”

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