Three Shootings, Three Differences

Let’s look at the recent past:

Deranged White kid shoots up a predominantly Black-patronized supermarket in Buffalo, NY — motive:  who knows, the kid’s a fucking psycho, everyone seems to have known this, although that didn’t stop him from buying a gun legally in New York, the state with allegedly the toughest gun-purchasing requirements and safeguards in the U.S.  Of course, being as he’s White, it’s all the result of Evil White Supremacy (EWS Tucker Carlson genus).

Deranged Hispanic kid shoots up a primary school in Uvalde, TX (a predominantly Hispanic town) — motive: who knows, the kid’s a fucking psycho, everyone seems to have known this, although that didn’t stop him from buying a gun legally.  Kid’s Hispanic, so we can’t pin this on EWS, so we’ll go with the “assault rifle” bullshit.

Deranged Black guy (36) shoots up a Korean hairdressing salon in Koreatown, Dallas — motive:  this time, we know the guy’s a psycho because he has delusions that the Dallas Korean mafia (?) is out to get him.  The shooter’s car has been linked to two previous drive-by shootings in Koreatown.

Waddya mean, you never heard of the third episode?  Here ya go.  I leave it to my Readers to wonder why it never got any national/international press coverage, as the first two did.  Actually, I won’t.  The asshole is Black, hence the sound of crickets.

And for those who missed it, here’s the media guide:


  1. You also don’t hear much about the Chinese immigrant who shot up a Taiwanese Church in California. Not sure where that falls on your bingo card, but I’m guessing… Kardashians.

  2. Thanks for the hand chart on the Lame Stream Media’s bullshit approach to events.

    The cabin in the mountains is looking better and better.


  3. It is interesting that these kids who shoot up schools are the products of years of leftist indoctrination at the hands of leftist educators, but that never seems to get brought up. These kids almost universally come from broken homes, but the decades of feminist efforts to obliterate the nuclear family never seems to get mentioned. These kids almost always have a history of mental health problems but that never seems to get mentioned either.

    BTW your chart is missing a couple lines:

    Attacker is trans, victim is anyone, narrative is bullying and guns.
    Attacker is LGBTQ, victim is anyone, narrative is bullying and guns.
    Attacker is cis, victim is trans, narrative is transphobia and guns.
    Attacker is straight, victim is LGBTQ, narrative is homophobia and guns.

    Bonus, if anyone stood up to the shooter(s) and thus mitigated the number of lives lost, narrative is Kardashians.
    Bonus 2, if any student stands up and disputes the narrative, the narrative automatically becomes Kardashians.

    1. Plus white on white or male on male, which is Kardashian, and female on female, which is Patriarchy .

  4. Might I suggest everyone print this out as a handy-dandy cheat sheet and send it to the editor of your local newspaper?
    Just send it along with a note saying something like, “Thought you could use this chart to help you keep your narratives straight. Wouldn’t want to confuse your readers, would you?”

  5. I don’t have a solution to the bigger picture. Cultural rot is the problem, and solutions will take decades, just as it took decades for us to get here. But in the short term, in schools, there is only one realistic tactic available.

    Arm teachers. Any who are willing.

    Don’t tell me it can’t be done; I spent 12 years in a classroom, it can. Any teacher who wants to get a CC permit should, with the knowledge and approval of the school administration. Don’t tell me that teachers can’t be trusted to arm up to protect their kids; if you really think that, they shouldn’t be in the classrooms at all.

    That teacher, if there is an incident, has one responsibility- the kids in his/her classroom. There is generally one door in; he should get his kids out if he can; if he cannot do so safely, get his kids to as much cover as he can and block/lock that door. Anyone who tries to force his way in gets shot. That teacher doesn’t have to be “tactical,” or to watch his “six,” or any of that crap. Just post up on that door and shoot anyone who comes in.

    I’d encourage any teacher to get further training, I’d encourage anyone who carries to do so. But it’s not necessary. Just post up on that door and shoot anyone who tries to force his way in.

    If you are a teacher without kids in your classroom in the moment when the shit hits the fan, and you can actively search for the shooter, that’s fine, but its not required. You required charge is the kids in your classroom, nothing more.

    And the school should publicly announce that teachers in their school MAY be armed. Period. They absolutely should NOT announce which teachers, if any, are armed. For the teacher, the gun must be either on his/her person, or in a locked container at all times. Not in a drawer, or hanging in a closet, or stuck in a purse. On your person. It’s not secure anywhere else. And yes, sooner or later students will figure out if a teacher is carrying. They will be curious and annoyingly insistent to talk about it, show it to them, etc. Ignore all that. Get on with teaching; the furor will subside, and some other matter will quickly become fodder for gossip. Pretty soon it will be “Mr. So-and-So has a gun!!” “Yea, we know. No big deal.”

    When parents demand to know if their particular child’s teacher is armed, tell them to pound sand.

    1. Considering the condition of public schools in the inner city I might be more worried about a teacher busting a cap in some student’s ass.

    2. As my friend, the recovering politician, would say, this is an idea too full of common sense to survive the legislative process.

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