Dept. Of Righteous Shootings

Don’t you just love it when tough old broads take care of much-younger assholes in a righteous manner?

A 70-year-old woman said she fired a warning shot after a stranger walked into her home Sunday afternoon and wouldn’t leave, before ultimately shooting him. The man died at the hospital.

Right on, Gammy.  Although the warning shot was an unnecessary precaution… still:


  1. Terrible, terrible mistake. Never admit to firing a warning shot. And never, ever, ever talk to the press.

    1. Albert,
      Great advice right there!!! Don’t even speak with the police without an attorney. Never fall for the “It’s pretty clear what happened. I just need your statement to complete the report” nonsense. When police are involved in a shooting, their union agreement gives them about three days to release a statement. Ordinary citizens should have that same latitude.


      1. Exactly the sort of statement your lawyer should be making, while you look suitably grave in the background.

  2. Warning shots in the US are never legal, essentially. The legal rationale is that if you weren’t shooting to kill, you weren’t suitably frightened ( fear of death or great bodily harm) enough to be shooting. The only time I recall seeing this be sited as okay was to discourage a mob, and no guarantee you would get that dispensation. Frankly, I would think that a shot that dropped the leader of the mob would be much more practical and defensible. Don’t wast ammo!

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