Thoughts On The Montana Thing

Although I specifically asked for people not to comment on the land / house choices in this post, some people still did;  but then again, these are my beloved Readers [sigh]  who take orders from no man, and color over the lines whenever it suits.

Anyway:  the choice of land.  I wouldn’t want to live in the total boonies (I’d have picked Alaska, then), hence my choice of location.  The thought of being trapped in the house because of some sudden and massive snowstorm when I need to get my prescription filled at the drugstore does not not appeal to me.  So I’d prefer to live close-ish to a decent-sized town with at least some pretensions of sophistication because my idea of fine dining is not Applebee, and I’d like the local food stores to carry more than canned food and Kraft cheese.  It’s been a while since I was in Missoula and despite the presence of Lefties, hippies and suchlike filth, I enjoyed my time there.  (There’s no Dunkin, but that’s why online purchasing was invented and anyway, every time I go into a DD, I walk out with a dozen donuts and my doctor doesn’t support that action.)

160 acres, while sniffed at by some, would suit me because it can accommodate a 100-yard range without terrifying the neighbors.  Also, it’s a manageable size because I could put up signs on every other tree on the property line saying things like, “If you hunt past this point, you will become the prey.  Ask owner for details.”

I chose a log cabin because New Wife has always wanted to live in one.  I know about the upkeep issues, but I’d pay someone to take care of it.  As for the floor plan:  I’d use the walk-out basement for manly pursuits like cleaning guns and playing snooker.  The size works for the two of us, and it’s easier to heat or cool a smaller space.  My days of living in a 4,000-sq.ft. house are over.

I didn’t even mention my choice of truck because that would have given rise to a tributary of endless argument;  but here we are, so here we go:


Yes, Missoula has both a Mercedes and Toyota dealership for servicing and repairs, if needed.  I’d want a serious 4×4 in case of inclement driving conditions, and nobody has ever said the G550 doesn’t have the necessary oomph.  And the Toyota Tacoma/Hi-Lux is the pickup choice of revolutionaries all over the world, so ’nuff said.

At least nobody sniffed at my choice of guns (see below for the reminder). Read more

Near Miss

I know that most if not all my Readers are interested in the shenanigans of the BritRoyals, but that’s the flimsy excuse I’ve used for showing the following totty:

You see, her name is Cressida Wentworth-Stanley (née Bonas), and at one time she was the girlfriend of Prince Harry, a.k.a. the Duke of Sussex, a.k.a. Harry Markle, a.k.a. the Ginger Whinger.  However, although he was reportedly quite smitten with Cressida, she was somewhat frowned upon by the Palace because she was an… actress.

So they split up, and you know the resultant mess.

I think young Cressy had a lucky escape.  She later married another guy named Harry, who has no title but is the son of a marchioness and is also related to a marquess via his mother’s second marriage.  Anyway, he has a hyphenated name, which takes care of half the issue for a young Brit girl with aspirations.

Should I explain the middle bit, again?


Following on from last night’s post, I happened on this little photo essay:

Eero Saarinen’s outlandish air terminal for TWA at New York’s JFK International Airport was sculpted as an abstract symbol of flight.

Now most Readers. knowing my abhorrence for Modernist architecture, would be forgiven for thinking that this post will be a diatribe against this building.  But on the contrary, I think it’s beautiful — for one thing, there aren’t any hideous straight lines and corners such as found in Bauhaus monstrosities.  As the writer of the article puts it:

Unlike most air terminals, which seemed intent on depressing passengers, Saarinen’s not only raised the spirits but also showed that concrete structures could be truly delightful.

And it is.  In the time it was built, I would imagine that its space-age, swoopy shape would be very much in keeping with the age of early space travel of the late 1950s and early 60s.  As the designer himself put it:

“…the architecture itself would express the drama and excitement of travel… shapes deliberately chosen in order to emphasize an upward-soaring quality of line.”

The first tragedy is that Saarinen died the year before his creation was finished.

The second tragedy is that the beautiful building has of course been “modernized” to make it “more efficient”.


There’ll be a parallel essay to this topic on Saturday.

Black & White Beauties

We haven’t done one of these for a while, so from my archives, feast your eyes on some of the lesser-known beauties of yore:

Patricia Morison

Lisa Gay

Corinne Calvert

Ruth Roman

Evelyn Nesbit

Odette Lara

Hildegard Knef

…and the original Bond Girl, Lilian

And just for the heck of it, something a little more daring from Miss Bond:


Un-P.C. Awards: 2021

Here we are for the inaugural Un-P.C. Awards ceremony.  Unlike all the other awards ceremonies, this one isn’t fixed (Oscars, F1, coff, coff ) in that all decisions are made by one man, i.e. Yer Humble (and Unbribable) Narrator and chief supervisor of Kim’s Beer & Treason Brigade.

So here are the winners (no podium finishers for reasons of space / patience, but a couple could actually be lifetime award winners).

Best Internet Boobs Photo:   Salma Hayek

Best International Tits:   Carol Vorderman

Best Socialist Tits:   AOC

Best Photoshop of Socialist Tits:

World’s Best Wingman:   Ghislaine Maxwell

Best Prospect For “Suicide” Before Month’s End:  see above.

Best New Word (for me)Chesticles

Okay, enough boobs.  Other awards:

Most Likely To Have a Train Smash In 2022:   Britney Spears

Best 2022 Train Smash Prospect (Youth Division):   Maisie Smith (19)

Most Unlikely Hero of 2021:  J.K. Rowling

Toughest Old Broad:   Queen Elizabeth II

Most Boring Couple:  The Ginger Whinger and Duchess CaringSlut

Best Obituary:  Battleswarm

“Leaving a trail of slime behind him –”
Start over.
“A repugnant, repulsive reptile –”
Try again.
“What can be said about him that hasn’t already been said about bubonic plague?”
Strike that.
Man, I’m really having trouble staying on the high road for this Harry Reid obit.

Top 10 Songs Of 2021 (apparently;  I’ve never heard any of them)

Best New Song I Did  Listen To In 2021:   Eye of the Storm (Battle Beast)

Congressional Hero:   Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV)

Best New Handgun:   Springfield SA-35

(I know, shuddup, my list)

Best New Rifle:   CZ 600

(link in pic)

Best Headline:

Biggest AnticlimaxOmicron, Grandson of WuFlu

Best Righteous ShootingKyle Rittenhouse

Best New Car / Truck / SUV etc. (from this list) None

And finally, with apologies:

Favorite Personal Post of 2021:  Seeking Better Times

Favorite Political Post of 2021 (tie)Just One  and  Out Of Touch