Modern Classic Beauty

Here’s a modern-day totty who could have fit into the Classic Beauty section, were she not young.  Allow me to introduce you to Yvonne Catterfeld:

“Now Kim,” you ask, “she’s very pretty;  but how can you say she’d qualify as Classic Beauty?”

‘Nuff said.

As to how I stumbled upon her, there’s a clue hidden in tomorrow’s Classic Beauty post… and an explanation as to why she would qualify.

Barmaid Part Deux

I am forced to watch the foul Great British Bake Off TV show because New Wife loves it, otherwise I would never have heard of block-faced Paul Hollywood (which is, by the way, an excellent porn star name).

Anyway, said celebrity has apparently got engaged (again) to some barmaid totty:

…who is okay, although I have to confess that I preferred his earlier barmaid squeeze:

…because she’s a redhead, natch.

Yeah, you figured it out:  I’m not at all interested in Paul Hollywood’s love life, and this was just an excuse to post chick pics.

Anyway, you may now carry on with your day.