Okay, we all know that Shania Twain is a Total Hotty.

But ii shames me to admit that although I know who she is, I wouldn’t be able to hum or even name any of her most popular songs, even if you held a gun to my head.

Of course, I’m not exactly in her target market, musically speaking.  (Or in any other way, come to think of it.)

Modern Classic Beauty

Here’s a modern-day totty who could have fit into the Classic Beauty section, were she not young.  Allow me to introduce you to Yvonne Catterfeld:

“Now Kim,” you ask, “she’s very pretty;  but how can you say she’d qualify as Classic Beauty?”

‘Nuff said.

As to how I stumbled upon her, there’s a clue hidden in tomorrow’s Classic Beauty post… and an explanation as to why she would qualify.