1. Hate to correct you, old friend, but that Frettanari is a “250GT/Berlinetta Lusso”.
    One like it was one of the first Ferrari’s I was privileged to sit in.
    One night on an errand to Beverly Hills, I stopped by the Ferrari store in Santa Monica, and there was one on the floor on consignment.
    It belonged to Jill St. John, had been a present from Lance Reventlow, and this being a few years after their divorce, she was “cleaning out the closet”, and had put it up for sale.
    Being a slow weeknight, the salesman was nice enough to unlock it and let me sit in it.
    It was quite comfortable.

  2. The 250 GT Lusso is one of the few Ferrari’s I have wanted to own and drive. It had a wider chassis and had adjustable pedals with a non-adjustable seat. The ideal driver would be 5’6″ to 5’10”. The 3.0L v-12 needed to be driven with the rpm above 4,000 RPM as lower engine speeds it was lugging the engine where it would burn oil.

  3. Wonderful to hear that the internet gods decided to grant you access to the interwebz.

    Thanks for the pictures to hold us over until you post your rant on AT&T.

  4. Glad you’re back online! I’m moved to post a tripple myself while you work on getting back up to speed. I hope the photo links work.

    You’ve caused Paige Spiranac to replace Scarlett Johansson as my favorite hot woman obsession. Paige is a wonderful middle ground in the “built for speed vs built for comfort” department.


    A Greg Derr new Decennial


    And for the car, the 1967 Eagle E-Type Speedster


    Looking forward to you getting all settled in and back to your usual irascible self.


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