Gratuitous Gun Pic: J. Rigby Matched Pair (12ga)

I don’t know why I do this to myself.  Every damn week I go over to Steve Barnett’s website, look at the new listings and am constantly reminded why I hate being poor.

Take the latest such horror, this Rigby Rising Bite pair (right-click to embiggen):


I know, the sticker shock ($29 grand or so) is severe — as it always is with Rigby’s guns — but have mercy that’s a lovely pair.

In fact, I want that pair more than Paige Spirinac‘s… and I don’t even shoot 12ga.


    1. Most if not all their actions are nowadays made “in the rough” by Grulla in Spain (to H&H spec), then shipped to the Holland shop for the final finishing and fitting.

      That’s not a knock on Holland, by the way — they don’t cast their own barrels either — but the quality finishing is what counts in the same way as a stock 1911 that’s been worked on by a great gunsmith is just as good as a top-end 1911. Same steel, high quality finish.

  1. NOthing wrong with looking at beautiful shotguns or any firearms for that matter. At the Orvis flagship store in Vermont, I picked up a shotgun to look at it. It’s price tag was shocking to me at the time. After I put that down, that store became a keep my hands in my pockets type store. just look, don’t touch.


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