Occasionally, A Ray Of Sunshine

In these cynical times, where anyone can be snarky about anything, there comes an all-to-infrequent bit of good news or luck, call it what you will.  Here’s one example:

And it appears that this is exactly what happened.  I’m not going to excerpt anything from the article, because despite all the snark (“14-year age difference” etc.) what emerges is a rather touching story about a woman who had some incredibly bad luck, and then it all turned around for her.

Set aside your Cynic’s Spectacles, and read all about it.

By the way, Bev Turner is a total hottie and always has been.  I remember her from earlier times as a racing commentator.  Here she is now at 50, with her good luck charmer.

Good for her, and good for him.  I hope it works out.


Double Entry

No, this isn’t about bookkeeping.  It’s about a woman who has a condition known as “uterus didelphys”, which in layman’s [sic]  terms means she has a twofer in terms of her reproductive organs:  two uteruses, two sets of Fallopian tubes and yes, two vaginas.  (For the language puristi, note that I wrote “uteruses” and not “uteri”, or else I’d have had to write “vaginae” instead of “vaginas”.  I’m striving for consistency, here.)

Anyway, she uses her didelphism to justify the fact that while she has two boyfriends, she allows each one to penetrate only “their” specific vagina and therefore technically she is “not cheating” on them.  As she so charmingly puts it:

“They both have their own vagina, so they only have sex with that one.”

(As an aside, I am driven to wonder how she handles that separation when it comes to cunnilingus, and also whether each vagina also has its own little “man-in-the-boat”, but let’s not be diverted.)

Given how often womyns call foul on men who cheat on them by saying, “she means nothing to me, it’s only sex”, I am led to wonder whether our little strumpet is in love with one of her tame penises (not “penes”, see above) and is just using the other for sex;  or (more likely) whether she’s just using both for sex and/or getting an income from two streams, so to speak.

I report, you decide.

Or, if you’re like me, you can go and throw up now, while wondering — and not for the first time — when the fuck [sic]  topics like this became part of the public discourse.

Quote Of The Day

Seen here:  Progressive Culture and the Crisis of the American Male

These were all humiliation rituals… struggle sessions aimed at traditional American men and their favorite pastimes. All of them engineered and prosecuted by the Progressive Left. And they are working precisely as they were intended, which is to say badly, for American men.

And really: ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ “It was twenty years today” ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ (or thereabouts) that someone wrote this.

I still prefer my trenchant description.

Unsurprising, Really

From Scottishland comes this report:

Female pupils and staff in ­Scotland’s schools are at risk from an alarming rise in ‘toxic ­masculinity’ which has sparked an urgent classroom crackdown.

Staff report boys using catchphrases that belittle women, pulling at girls’ clothes, sending unwanted explicit photos to female classmates and harassing female teachers.  In one example, a group of boys refused to be taught by one teacher and then distributed a faked pornographic image of her.

Staff also report worrying signs of violence and coercive control in teenage relationships.

Given that boys are always at fault, are belittled for being boys, and in general are being fucked around by female teachers and society in general:

…is it any surprise that at some point, boys are going to respond negatively?

Oh yeah, and according to the article, it’s all Andrew Tate’s fault (and look what happened to him).  The Andrew Tate phenomenon is just a reaction to the pussification of men, really.  If men weren’t being attacked on all sides for just being men, Tate would be a marginal figure and still living in obscurity.

By the way, in looking for the above pic, I found this one:

Now that’s funny.

Brilliant Deception

Okay, go ahead and judge me, but I howled with shocked laughter when I read this little tale:

For months my boyfriend led me to believe he was busy caring for his elderly mother – but she’s been dead all along and his lies were a front for him having sex with another woman, and living with her.

Sometimes, you just have to tip your hat to a master.