Not-So Happy Ending

As if women weren’t used to refusing sex because they had a headache… now it appears that they can get headaches after sex as well, with dire consequences:

Doctors have urged Americans to seek help for a little-known sex problem — migraines triggered by sex, known medically as coital cephalgia.

Bloody hell.  It was difficult enough before to get Madame to allow access to her Garden Of Delight, but now it’s going to be practically impossible, with this prophylactic refusal available.

Of course, if she really loved you…  just sayin’.



  1. Gee, and all these years I was lead to believe that sex cured headaches. I’m getting tired of studies contradicting other studies. Oh, wait, this is Big Pharma again – Don’t have sex until you’ve taken our pill. Or is it have another one of our pills after sex? No wonder the latest generation is going for sex dolls.

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