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The bad 170, according to Fatboi Pritzker’s Illannoy.

This is just going to drive up the prices of Garands, M1 Carbines, ordinary SKS rifle, and so on.

That said:  it’s not gonna stop there.

The list of about 170 different semi-automatic guns now banned in Illinois could change with state police granted the authority to update the list “as needed.”

Possession of guns legally purchased before Gov. J.B. Pritzker signed the measure Tuesday are grandfathered in, but owners must eventually register each weapon’s serial number. Illinois State Police are to develop the registry with gun owners required to comply by Jan. 1, 2024. Violations could be a Class 2 felony.



  1. I can’t read those links – error 451, legal reasons – but I’m going to guess that Illinois is going to see a raft of boating accidents.

    1. Quentin, All,

      Greetings from deep behind enemy lines in Lake County, IL. Here’s the basics .. the “ban” basically covers just about all semi-auto rifles which can take a detachable magazine, which also pass the Bloomberg-esque “one feature” test. It would even apply to “salt shaker” guns such as the Ruger 10/22, if said piece were in a “thumbhole” stock. Take the same action and drop it into a plain stock and all is well. So yes, Kim, your assertion about the value of Garands, SKSs, etc. increasing is spot-on. The M1 carbine would probably fail the test because 15-round mags, the bayonet lug or other such nasty features. I believe semi-auto shotguns such as a Rem 1100 are problematic.
      And banned rifles/pistols/shotguns which are currently in the state are ‘grandfathered’ but must be registered with the IL State Police no later than Jan 1, 2024. Oh, did I mention that the ISP does not have even the very beginnings of a registration system in place? Yeah. Oh, and each registration carries a $25 price tag.
      The ban also goes after the mags … new sale/manufacture of pistol mags with capacity over 15 rounds and rifle mags with capacity over 10 rounds are now verboten. Existing mags can be kept, with some restrictions.
      There’s a awful lot more in the details, but the above should give a pretty good lay of the land.

  2. Perhaps you recall my remark ” “NOW, I GET IT” in reference to those who have escaped communism for the USA and the wife and I escaping Kalifornia for Texas. I may have mentioned somewhere along the way that I was an FFL in California for almost 20 years. The odor wafting out of Illinois is quite familiar. The flow chart below, provide by the good folks at Calguns.net., may prove to be a map of the future there.


    The short version is that version of the ban was a list of rifles by make and model. In response, manufacturers changed the names. This pissed off TPTB, so the next version attempted to ban by physical description of features, and we were off to the races, leading to “bullet buttons” and the tortured engineering work-arounds pictured at the bottom of the chart. You know, the “Shoulder thing that goes up”.

    When the game first started in 1995, I played along and registered an AR that I might be seen in public with. I still keep a copy, just as a reminder.

    1. Lots of people.

      If most people sheep out, the people who don’t will get the full weight of the tyranny right on their ass.

      Most people , in my experience, are sheep. :-\

      1. I’m afraid that the ChinkVirus exposed the fact that our society as a whole loves authoritarianism and wants to be told what to do to feel “safe”. For some reason I thought we ‘Murkins were different. We aren’t.

        1. you’re absolutely right. To see the bullying in the stores between people, put your mask on, put purell on your paws, stay away from everyone, you’re going up the down aisle etc etc was utterly disgusting. That’s how people were forced to wear yellow stars, pink triangles and host of other markings. It was appalling.


  3. The list of about 170 different semi-automatic guns now banned in Illinois could change with state police granted the authority to update the list “as needed.”

    There ain’t no COULD about it; it’s a lay-down misere. The state police here have the authority to make changes to the Firearms Act by “regulation”, thus avoiding the messy necessity of having to have them passed by parliament. They actually can — and do — ban firearms if they look “scary”! True.

    If this persists in Illinois, it WILL, eventually, spread across greater North America, with a handful of exceptions.

  4. What happened to SCOTUS’ in Heller and Bruen citing “in common use at the time.” clause?
    It sounds like Fat Fuck & Illinoise is stepping all over that in many of the examples on the list.

    1. it used to be that these asshats would be held in contempt of court and prosecuted. Why isn’t anyone held in contempt of SCOTUS? It’s appalling.


  5. From Adam Sabes | Fox News –
    The state of Illinois lost an appeal on Tuesday after a lower court judge issued a restraining order on a newly enacted ban on some semiautomatic rifles as well as high-capacity magazines.

    Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker signed the gun control law on Jan. 10, which bans the sale and distribution of assault weapons, high capacity magazines, and switches, which went into effect immediately after he approved it.

    Effingham County Judge Joshua Morrison issued a temporary restraining order against the law on Jan. 24, preventing it from being enforced.
    Fuck U Fatboi!

  6. Greetings all …

    @Valine76 .. IL has been ignoring SCOTUS for years, nea’, decades .. see the 2013 case where IL under threat of federal intervention became the final state in the union for concealed carry. Up until then, there was no CCL provision in IL .. it was patently illegal

    BIWOZ – no one’s talking about granting the ISP powers which belong to the legislature. This is a very slippery slope .. even grand-dad’s 1897 pump 12ga could be subject to ban/registration.

    @JQ / Gunnuts / preussenotto – you all said it … sheep.

    @JQ / Kim – why still in IL … they must be getting some sort of deal to stay … or they simply don’t care .. or are afraid to move .. take your pick.

    All I know … subsequent to retirement .. I’m outa this place. Not sure where I’d go, but staying in IL post-retirement is not an option.

  7. I thought the Kelo decision by SCOTUS would have caused folks to reach for the pitchforks and torches but not a peep. Not one goddamn peep from people. no outrage, no protests, no concern whatsoever because their property wasn’t being seized.


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