News Roundup – International

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Pure class, them Strylians, huh?  Try this:

...nice to know that the WAGov has taken care of all the region’s other problems.

...proof that 2022 Russia isn’t the same as 1941 Russia.  And:

...a.k.a. “pre-surrender”.

...I dunno;  you oppress a nation for nearly fifty years, and this is how they repay you?

...LOL so: would you have no problem with people attacking homosexualists, OR prefer that the Swedes deport all Third-Worlders?

Or you could just do what the Krauts are going to do:

...thus making the problem of “Third-World immigrant violence” disappear, just like that.

showing that Brits can get it right on occasion.

And in election news:

...good ol’ Silvio:  still politicking, still bonking younger women.  The man’s a national treasure.

...not to be unkind, but there’s enough blubber there to keep TWO houses warm.

... and trust me, you do NOT want to go there… o-kay, but you’ve been warned.

And in guaranteed link-free INSIGNIFICA:



Finally, from Wales:

…ah yes, we haven’t been here for a while, so it’s time for a little more Carol:


…and some earlier-vintage Carol:

And that’s all the news from the international front [sic].

Scratching Around

As Glenn Reynolds puts it, when it comes to violent White supremacist movements in the U.S., demand is far greater than supply — in other words, while the Democratic Socialists would just love to have a plethora of such groups around so that they can go all “Exterminate the Fascist Counter-Revolution!”, the fact is that there are no such groups extant, other than a few mopes muttering about “The Day Of Reckoning” and similar.

So they have to try to create such groups — with the support of their little Stasi underlings (a.k.a. the FBI) — with nomenclatures such as “concerned parents”, “Gretchen Whitmer kidnappers”,  “Ultra Magas” or “Jan 6 Insurrectionists”, and so on.

That effort, too, is failing.  So what next?  Step forward the post-9/11 knee-jerk agency known by the ominously-named Department of Homeland Security — the big guns, in other words.

And here is their master plan:

DHS Funds Leftist Orgs to Study ‘Radicalization,’ ‘White Supremacy’ in Video Games

Video games?

Are you kidding me?  So Call of Duty, Medal of Honor and… wait, I don’t know much about this stuff… oh yeah, World of Warcraft are the tools whereby impressionable kids are being “radicalized” and taught about the practice of White Supremacy?

I don’t know whether to chuckle, laugh hysterically or just wave my private parts at this foolishness.

What a bunch of pathetic morons.

Next they’ll be trying to link, oh I dunno, bulldog ownership to the above bogeymen (you heard it here first).  Hey, DHS / FBI fuckwits:  here’s your first candidate for a radical White supremacist bulldog owner:

Go get ‘im.

Same Old Lesson

Unwittingly following on from yesterday’s post about handguns, there’s this article which compares the 9mmP Europellet with the .45 ACP Murkin [sigh]  which basically tells us nothing new about the merits or otherwise of shooting one cartridge or the other.

What it did reiterate, however, was not the desired purpose of the piece.  What all those stats and indeed the opinions of the shooter showed us is that if you’re going to be shooting a “hot” (e.g. 9mm+P or .45 ACP+P), you shouldn’t be using a lightweight pistol as its platform, either way.  That shows up in both the slower “transition” time (to switch between targets) and “reacquisition” time (to get the next shot off into the same target), which was almost as crappy when comparing the regular 9mm to the 9mm+P to the .45 ACP to the beefier .45 ACP+P, never mind the comparison between 9mm anything to the .45 anything.

Well, color me unsurprised.  We’ve all known about this for ages — see any of the myriad comments or posts I’ve ever written about the inadvisability of shooting .357 Mag loads in a lightweight revolver — and in my opinion, the author’s selection for his test of a lightweight carry piece, even a 1911 clone, proves the same.

I understand why he did it, if the trend is towards ever-smaller and -lighter carry pieces;  but as I said earlier, that trend is not something that should be followed.

Newton will not be denied, folks.  Greater energy requires greater mass to provide acceptable recoil.

Remember, I have nothing against lightweight carry pieces — I carry a .38 S&W 637 Lady Smith myself — provided that it is, as it is for me, a backup gun and not a primary carry weapon.  And my load is a standard .38 Special and not a +P, because I find the recoil of the hotter load unpleasant in that lightweight piece.

If you are going to carry a Europellet gun [sigh, again]  as your primary, that gun should be sufficient to support the projectile you’re going to be using, and shooting it should not be a painful experience.  When I do occasionally carry a 9mm piece (because I haven’t yet cleaned the 1911, or just for kicks), it’s a full-size Browning P35 High Power and not some little 2oz 1″-barreled thing, because not only can the P35 handle any 9mm load I put into it, it is also (in my age-befuddled hands) as accurate if not more so than the 1911.

If I had the funds, I’d undoubtedly retire the S&W 637 and get a 1911 Combat Commander as both a backup- or even primary carry gun, then give the P35 to Daughter to replace her gawd-awful little Taurus .380 ACP.  (It is her late mother’s gun, after all.)

So there you have it:  carry a gun sufficient for the load / chambering if you want good results and wrists that don’t ache for days, and Baby Vulcan will be much pleased.

Here endeth the lesson.



Ooooh this one gets me where I’m prone to tingle:

THREE stunning classic Land Rovers are going under the hammer and look likely to fetch £50,000 each.  The classic off-roaders have all been fully restored and are ready and waiting to be driven and enjoyed by the highest bidders.

Here they are (full descriptions are in the article):


“Dear Dr. Kim”

“Dear Dr. Kim:

“I sometimes hear Brits say, ‘It’s gone pear-shaped’ when a situation has taken a turn for the worse.  What does that expression mean, exactly?”

–Puzzled Yank

Dear Puzzled:

Hell if I know.  Most of the time, Brits spout some meaningless gobbledegook at you and when you look at them quizzically, they act like you’re the stupid one — when in fact they’re just fucking up the language that they themselves are supposed to have invented. 

But to answer your question as best I can:  I think that “pear-shaped” has the opposite meaning of what you’re thinking.  Here’s my idea of pear-shaped: 

…and in no way, shape or form can this be regarded as A Bad Thing.  Hope this helps.

— Dr. Kim

News Roundup

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And into the news we slide: you get a guy who has been clinically diagnosed with Tourette’s Syndrome onto your live TV show, and are shocked — shocked! — when he says “rim”.  Which, by the way, is actually a harmless word in the context in which he used it.

...just wait till the conscripts get there;  it’s going to get worse.

...resist it.  Fix the fucking economy first.

...if it were only vapors and couches, all would be well.  But the dickless Karens wanna get the guy fired.

...that many?

...I got nothing.

...and Texans explain to Sec. Buttplug why he should just fuck off.

...thank you Sir, may I have another?

And on a similar topic: jumps into snake pit, complains when he gets bitten.

Mr. Scorpion, meet Mr. Frog.

...whatever he says, it had better be good considering all the fine poontang I’ve given him and all the life decisions I’ve entrusted him with over the years.

From the annals of INSIGNIFICA:


I’ll bet money that she hasn’t tasted it in years, if ever.

I bet quite a few men would be comfortable inside her skin, too.  Fifty-seven?  Have mercy

…and some others, because why not?

I’m betting Shania doesn’t need any Olly…