Scratching Around

As Glenn Reynolds puts it, when it comes to violent White supremacist movements in the U.S., demand is far greater than supply — in other words, while the Democratic Socialists would just love to have a plethora of such groups around so that they can go all “Exterminate the Fascist Counter-Revolution!”, the fact is that there are no such groups extant, other than a few mopes muttering about “The Day Of Reckoning” and similar.

So they have to try to create such groups — with the support of their little Stasi underlings (a.k.a. the FBI) — with nomenclatures such as “concerned parents”, “Gretchen Whitmer kidnappers”,  “Ultra Magas” or “Jan 6 Insurrectionists”, and so on.

That effort, too, is failing.  So what next?  Step forward the post-9/11 knee-jerk agency known by the ominously-named Department of Homeland Security — the big guns, in other words.

And here is their master plan:

DHS Funds Leftist Orgs to Study ‘Radicalization,’ ‘White Supremacy’ in Video Games

Video games?

Are you kidding me?  So Call of Duty, Medal of Honor and… wait, I don’t know much about this stuff… oh yeah, World of Warcraft are the tools whereby impressionable kids are being “radicalized” and taught about the practice of White Supremacy?

I don’t know whether to chuckle, laugh hysterically or just wave my private parts at this foolishness.

What a bunch of pathetic morons.

Next they’ll be trying to link, oh I dunno, bulldog ownership to the above bogeymen (you heard it here first).  Hey, DHS / FBI fuckwits:  here’s your first candidate for a radical White supremacist bulldog owner:

Go get ‘im.


  1. Well, to the intelligentsia, video games are where so many problems are. They tend to be played by younger people, and as our mutual friend Bill Whittle likes to point out, when you get these yutes away from the shrieking Karens and their well-indoctrinated peers, and they get deeply involved in these games, the players spend a great deal of time accumulating as much gold (or whatever the game currency is) and the largest weapons they can buy. These games draw them towards capitalism and guns. This is true for Minecraft, Warhammer, or Deepolis, the submarine combat game I used to play online before Adobe Flash went tits-up at the end of 2020. Bringing it back to the fuckers at DHS, I think they’re aware that if the Stupid Party manages to tap into the players’ instinctive attraction to gold and guns, they’ll reject the Evil Party and a generation will be lost to them. They appear to not be willing to give up a potential constituency without a federally-funded fight.

  2. Reminds me of a parody video I saw where multiple agencies were working to make a sting at a dry cleaners or some small business. The keystone cops were unbelievable.

    The thing is that white supremacist groups are rate and already marginalized. This is a boogeyman created by the left and their propaganda arm to paint all of their opponents as racists.


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