Friday Night Movies

From Over the Pond, a Touring Car race at the Goodwood Revival (what I done missed this year sob sob) that features practically every Le Mans-winning driver of the past two decades, some former F1 drivers, NASCAR’s Jimmy Johnson, and Rowan Atkinson:  all driving cars what I loves (okay, the Ford Galaxies not so much).

Part One

Part Deux

Next year, I promise… I’ll sell some guns if I have to — just watch me.


  1. He-he-he! I was there! I live in Selsey, just a few miles away from Goodwood and a VERY good friend is an Events Organiser for the Estate. Tickets were gratis. Enjoyment was priceless!

  2. ….and for those of on this side of the pond they live stream the whole thing.

    For the Members Meeting this year the Audrian Motorsports Group ( Donald Osborn ) ran a tour that included Track Time at Goodwood and a Black Tie dinner at the ” House”. Transportation of your own race car arranged or rent one of thier’s. Cost?? It’s bad manners to ask.

    If they do it again next year, I’ll forward you a copy of the invitation,

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