Still Relevant

This was my post-catastrophe piece from earlier in the year, and it’s just as relevant now — as we approach the chilly part of Texas winter — as it was then.

Cliff Notes:  Texas needs to become completely self-sufficient in power generation.

I hope that some action has been taken, or else there will be all hell to pay.

Righteous Firing

Read this story and tell me she didn’t have it coming:

Stylist Lisa Thompson was collared by salon owner Luke Daniels after she turned up to work looking ‘untidy’ with unwashed, scraped back hair and no make-up and wearing leggings, a bobbly long black cardigan and flip flops.  The company owner handed her £100 to buy herself nice clothes and offered her a free treatment worth £150 to ‘enhance the appearance of her hair’.

But that’s not all, he wrote.  Follow the link for the full story.  Judge got it right.

I think I’m going to start a new department dedicated to all these asswipes who think they’ve been hard done by, when in fact they earned everything that came their way.

News Roundup

End-ish-of-year news, more or less the same as any other time.

I tried to download the file, but it didn’t fit onto my 7GB thumb drive.

or not.

bringing all their shitty voting habits with them, no doubt.

and well done, you.  It’s about damn time.

you have to be a really special kind of asshole to do this.

one would think they’d have started doing this long ago, but whatever.

“I wuz carryin’ them for a fren’!”

oh by all means, let’s talk about why more kids are being shot dead in Chicago.

And on that topic, this was seen at an anti-vax mandate protest in Los Angeles:

just as long as you remember that sentiment when we start talking about guns, okay?

beyond satire, or even comment.  I suppose “Gimpy The Retard” would satisfy them?

and yet you took the gig, didn’t you?

and failed miserably, as always, you scabby tart.

And now ’tis the season for INSIGNIFICA:

      …but WAIT!  there’s


Liz Hurley has an owie: