Righteous Firing

Read this story and tell me she didn’t have it coming:

Stylist Lisa Thompson was collared by salon owner Luke Daniels after she turned up to work looking ‘untidy’ with unwashed, scraped back hair and no make-up and wearing leggings, a bobbly long black cardigan and flip flops.  The company owner handed her £100 to buy herself nice clothes and offered her a free treatment worth £150 to ‘enhance the appearance of her hair’.

But that’s not all, he wrote.  Follow the link for the full story.  Judge got it right.

I think I’m going to start a new department dedicated to all these asswipes who think they’ve been hard done by, when in fact they earned everything that came their way.


  1. Frankly, I’d avoid any establishment at which I could see the state of an employee’s back hair, unwashed or not.

  2. Hair salons in the UK are expensive. I regularly spend near £100 for a cut and colour, and I want to be tended to by skilled, friendly, and CLEAN staff. My hairdresser has a uniform ‘colour’ and every single member of staff from the most junior hair sweeper to the salon owner, wears it. It conveys a professional, hygienic and respectful image.

    Back in the day, I’d have been thrilled to receive £150 quids worth of hair treatments. As for £100 towards clothes? Blimey, would that an employer cared that much to kit ME out any time.

    The woman is 40, not 14. She should have taken money, got a grip and sorted herself out. Now she’s just another skanky unemployed bint.

  3. I’m a little disappointed that the article doesn’t say whether she took the cash and the makeover and cleaned herself up for a while before she was fired. I also kind of want to know what she was doing in the computer system.

  4. Sounds like she had rushed to work directly from her most recent hookup after a long evening at the pub. ( …. and she was the last one out ).

    If she worked in some back office somewhere with no customer contact other than on the phone it would be a different story. But she worked in a Salon!!! What did she expect would happen??. My wife would have walked out the door, never to return to tat Salon, if her hairdresser showed up like that. The Salon owner was more than generous, most would have just fired her on the spot.

  5. I’ve worked in several field service organizations back in the day. You were expected to bathe, and dress in the appropriate business casual attire. Usually khakis and a collared shirt. No tennis shoes. You’d be absolutely sent home for the day if you showed up otherwise.

    And touching computer assets you have no business touching was a fireable offense. Back when I was first married the missus worked at a law firm. One of the secretaries went into the admins office, noticed the computer screen was up on salaries, and had a look. She then went to the admin and demanded a raise because others made more than her. They fired her on the spot.

    Back to professional appearances – I had a zoom interview for a job the other day, one I didn’t really seek out but fell on my lap. Dude was wearing a t-shirt. He looked like a George Costanza chubby slob. Couldn’t believe it. This wasn’t for a small corporation either. Didn’t help that the dude was a prick either. FFS don’t nitpick my CV if you were the one that called me. I made up my mind looking at the slob that I didn’t want to work for him. After talking to him, I was sure of it.

  6. The way people on this side of the Atlantic go out in public, I’m not surprised at all at how shabby and unwashed she looked. There are more than one website that focuses on the messes walking around Walmart alone.

    I had a dress code in high school and it has been rather helpful though out life. It was essentially chinos or khakis and a collared shirt with the shirt tail tucked in. As an adult I can go many places without feeling under or over dressed. I think the dress code is called business casual now. Even when I was on a construction site I typically wore jeans, boots and a dress shirt or polo shirt. When I changed careers and scrubs were the “uniform of the day,” I’d dress professionally for off shift meetings. Some of the younger women coming to the off shift meetings would come in dressed for the beach because that’s where they were headed after the meeting. It wasn’t appropriate attire for the meeting. A memo had to be sent out. I couldn’t believe that the memo was necessary. If you make that mistake at the first meeting, it shouldn’t be repeated once you see how everyone else is dressed.


  7. Long ago in a galaxy far away…. I went to a private school. Shirt, tie, blazer, and dress pants from grade 7. It was probably near Christmas, my freshman year at university, before I started to feel comfortable going out in with a collared shirt, *without* the tie. After University, law, so wore a shirt, tie, blazer and dress pants, or shirt, tie and suit for 30 odd years. It was only nearing retirement that I started to ditch the tie while at work.
    Clothes maketh the man… because people only gawk and point (and even laugh) at a naked man!

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