News Roundup

End-ish-of-year news, more or less the same as any other time.

I tried to download the file, but it didn’t fit onto my 7GB thumb drive.

or not.

bringing all their shitty voting habits with them, no doubt.

and well done, you.  It’s about damn time.

you have to be a really special kind of asshole to do this.

one would think they’d have started doing this long ago, but whatever.

“I wuz carryin’ them for a fren’!”

oh by all means, let’s talk about why more kids are being shot dead in Chicago.

And on that topic, this was seen at an anti-vax mandate protest in Los Angeles:

just as long as you remember that sentiment when we start talking about guns, okay?

beyond satire, or even comment.  I suppose “Gimpy The Retard” would satisfy them?

and yet you took the gig, didn’t you?

and failed miserably, as always, you scabby tart.

And now ’tis the season for INSIGNIFICA:

      …but WAIT!  there’s


Liz Hurley has an owie:


  1. I can’t be the only one who noticeD what the top violators haD in common, can I? I woulD be DepresseD.

  2. “…you have to be a really special kind of asshole to do this.”
    Yup, had the same happen to me. Told I was fired at the company Christmas party…

    “…just as long as you remember that sentiment when we start talking about guns, okay?”
    Or globull warming.

  3. So they’re predicting global warming out to the year 3000 now. I guess we should change our old habits (embrace communism) to save people 978 years in the future.

  4. So… now we have to worry about a 17 foot rise in sea levels in a THOUSAND years.

    Which is odd, because we used to have to worry about a 17 foot rise in sea levels by 2050.

    Or that famous “ten foot rise by 2018” one by Hansen in 1988.

    Of course, at the current rate (since the last ice age) we’ll only be at eight or nine feet by 3000 AD. Assuming there’s not another Little or Big Ice age.

      1. Thats strange, i was told in school that we would all be crushed under 1,000 foot tall Glaciers ….. or was it cooked by the hole in the Ozone????

  5. Decades ago I worked in a 24/7 resort area. I went to work on Christmas Eve, passed by the small business next door, it was full of patrons and very busy. When I ended work Christmas morning and headed home, the place was boarded up with a sign telling workers to come back the next day to get any personal items and their final pay.

  6. “A USA Swimming official has resigned over the organization’s continued support of transgender University of Pennsylvania swimmer Lia Thomas, who has been smashing women’s swimming records this season.”

    A thought I had when I was reading about the male swimmer messing up Women’s College Swim Meets. What would happen if the female swimmers all declare themselves to be male and show up for tryouts as self-declared males for every college swim team. According to modern logic if they are male at the time of the competition all they have to wear is a little Speedo bottom bathing suit and dive into the water then swim their best. I suspect it would cause a bit of a distraction for the traditional male swimmers as well as all the folk who run the swim meets and with the current logic there should be no problems at all with the new normal. Kind of a stupid solution to a stupid problem and a throw back to the 1960’s protests,

    1. That would get more attention than the fundraiser calendars they used to sponsor.
      This won’t end until they all concede the race when Miss five-O’Clock Shadow turns up at the meet.
      I always thought it was Arthur Ashe who resigned the game when one of the enfants terrible threw a fit about a line call, resulting in the taming of the tantrums, but I can’t find that on the internet anywhere. My Google-fu is nothing to write home about.

  7. does anyone believe that of Madonna? She’s an overpaid skank of the lowest order.

    gun violence in Chi-Raq? that subject never comes up from the Burn Loot Mayhem crowd.

    I think the head of women’s swimming could have been more effective at stopping males from competing in women’s sports had she remained involved with the organization and fought the absurd policies going into place.


    1. Was this something Madonna realized only recently after she viewed her naked 63 year-old body in the mirror after stepping out of the shower, or did she think this way 35 years ago when she appeared naked except for a cigarette and a purse on a Miami Street?

      1. Madonna is 63???? That would mean she was 13 at most when she first appeared in Penthouse……… which, thinking about it, is still somewhat plausible.

  8. top ethics violators are Democrats? I’m surprised they got caught. The investigation on Marie Newman shouldn’t take longer than an afternoon. Did you send this email from your email address that is secured with your password? You’re under oath. OK sentanced to public flogging daily for 5 years and barred from public employment for life. Next


  9. We’re witnessing the death of womens sports unless the collective pulls its head out of its ass. The most brutal wake up call will be in fighting – boxing and MMA – when a dude who feels pretty steps into the ring against a legit chick & beats her to death. She’ll be dead, but she’ll be woke. Victory!

  10. Fun bits from the Amazon developer’s conference a few years back: The Alexa 4 Biz unit rolled out their meeting room product across the entire Amazon enterprise, installing thousands of units in every meeting room.

    Their biggest headache? Convincing their own staff not to unplug the things. Completely unstated was the motive: Not just unmute the mic, but UNPLUG THEM TO DEATH because they had zero trust that the things weren’t spying on them.

    This paranoia runs deep in the American psyche. As students in our high school, enough of us habitually flicked the intercom switch to “privacy” whenever we entered a classroom that this became the default position. After a while, we suspected that the “privacy” switch on the intercom did nothing. After some busts regarding off campus parties that suggested the intercom and campus Stasi was involved, some after hour shenanigans were engaged in involving unsanctioned access to the intercom guts that proved the theory. The result was a masked posse that spent the next few weeks sneaking around wiring the switches to spec so that they worked as advertised. AFAIK, administration never caught on.

  11. Shorter Quarantines?
    Like Zero minutes/hours/days/weeks…..
    Yeah, like that is ever going to happen.

  12. Problem is that the girls can lose their scholarship if they just refuse. Then again it would take 14 attempted starts if each girl individually false-started twice and was disqualified.
    Paranoia runs deep. Bet they was call it a conspiracy and blacklist them all. Leaving the man alone on the top of the .. whatever.

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