1. Report I heard this morning said the old guy was 80 years old. Real tough bitch better see some long jail time time in Federal prison.

    1. He didn’t look that old in the video. But if that’s true, that is typically an extra charge (elder abuse). Given this is federal jurisdiction, however, that may not apply.

      The perp, former NFL cheerleader Patricia Cornwall, was detained by the FBI when they landed and will likely face charges of some sort.

      Rumor has it, it started when she was trying to return to the front and got blocked by the beverage cart. The flight attendant asked her to just find an empty seat until service was over and she said, “Who am I, Rosa Parks?” to which the old man said she wasn’t black, it’s not Alabama, and she’s not on a bus. The mask fight then ensued.

        1. It’s too bad the 80 year old man wasn’t black.
          “A Brawl Erupts.” So he only allowed her one hit? I assume he didn’t hit back, or the story would have had a completely different headline.

  2. Apparently this bundle of joy was a Playboy model and appeared on Bay Watch.

    Just another self entitled arrogant imbecile.


  3. Don’t you just love the entertainment that Hollywood provides for us.
    Oh, her latest employment is as a High End Real Estate Salesperson for Berkshire Hathaway Properties.
    I’ll bet that they’re just damned proud of her.

  4. I don’t care if you’re a woman or not. You attack me, you’re getting punched in the face.

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