Quote Of The Day

Via Insty:

“As a Buddhist, this is beautiful. Christians really do need to stand up and reclaim Christmas because big business and human greed have transformed a spiritual beautiful day into a month long binge eating and booze fest, and its quite simply very sad, and I say this as a Buddhist.”

I’m thinking (with slight apology to my Tribe Readers) that the slogan for this reclamation  effort should be:  “Next Year In Bethlehem”.

And I say this as an atheist.


  1. I can ‘t stop thinking about two hundred million pilgrims from the United States alone flooding into Bethlehem; wonder if the Israelis will re-open JRS, I don’t think TLV could handle the influx.

  2. As the guys at Wally World and Amazon close out the festive holiday season with “What a Friend We Have In Jesus.”

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