Fair Warning

The new (okay reconditioned ) HP laptop arrived yesterday, and so far it seems to be blessedly free of extraneous crap — other than all the stupid Microsoft nonsense (which I’ve dropped like a hot rock, of course).

Still struggling a bit with the Thunderbird email POP3  / STML stuff because I think I can read / understand Latin more easily than all that kaka.

Bear with me while I get it all figured out — I can always go back to the old laptop to get things done if I get stuck.

But the Bookmarks are done, the pic folders are there, and next comes all the personal stuff like spreadsheets etc.  Which reminds me, I need to install Open Office.  Excuse me…


  1. I’ve found IMAP to be better for T-Bird, depending on your mail provider. You probably have good reasons for choosing POP, though.

    Let Atlanta Sink!

  2. I definitely agree that IMAP is better if it’s available to you. One of its major benefits comes into play when you have multiple devices (like, say, an old laptop and a new(ly reconditioned) laptop) and want to access all your mail on both devices. The only way to do this with POP is to configure your mail client to keep all your mail on the server, but POP doesn’t like keeping all your mail on the server, and most ISPs running POP services tend to configure rather small mailbox quotas; this is generally not the case with IMAP, as it’s designed to keep all mail on the server.

  3. Are you running a Linux, then? If so, which one? I’m getting myself off of Microsoft, and I like to hear what works for others.

  4. Just go to your old computer, open up Thunderbird and go into the settings for internet – make all the settings in the new machine exactly the same and you will be done. I forget from last computer getting crinkly to it’s replacement, what was there so I just look at the old settings. Same settings are in the phone and every other computer in the house. Makes it easy.

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