1. Ohhh, you’re not willing to be rehabilitated??!! We have camps for YOU. They will be VERY nice and comfortable, FOR US, for you, not so much. We will help your re-education with motivational aids such as food or no food, heat or no heat, sanitation or no sanitation, etc. Ohhh, we can have you re-educated quickly and effortlessly (on our part).
    We will NOT fail. You are as an ant under our heel. You might die but WE WILL NOT FAIL.

      1. Probably one of those Uighur re-education camps in western China.

        And that Palmer bloke – surely he is being facetious? No sensible person could ascribe to such drivel

  2. We should give him what he wants. We’ll see how well things go when the cities lose 95% of the cops, firefighters, EMTs, electricians, plumbers, truck drivers, butchers, stockers, and everything else that makes civilization run.

    He’ll have plenty of teachers and baristas, at least.

    1. you mean Atlanta, New York, and Seattle, LA and San Francisco?
      Mineapolis, Boston, Portland, Baltimore?

  3. What would happen, for instance, if all the White LEOs in the Atlanta PD left for greener pastures and left the city with a 100% minority PD?

    1. Him, and all his little Marxist buddies who would control the levers of power after their revolution. Self-delusion, thy name is Leftist.

      1. This idiot would do well to remember a quote from one of his Marxist heroes
        “Power comes from the barrel of a gun” and just who has the most guns. I’ll give him a clue it isn’t the antifa kiddies.

  4. What gets me is the marxist’s usually purge the useful idiots. Which has been those who lead the revolution. They want serfs and serfs don’t as a rule create revolutions.

  5. Conservatives value stability as in tradition, institutions, sticking with what has been proven to work. Leftists on the other hand worship the dialectic. Thesis, anti-thesis, synthesis. Rinse and repeat all the time moving the culture. This is why we lose. That and the Left is much more ruthless. After a war, we try to put things back together. The Left just kills or enslaves everybody that opposes them and half of those that are insufficiently enthusiastic.

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